Thursday, January 26, 2012

We are here!

Yes, we are still here! I have had a few people ask me where we have been! It's just crazy busy around the Zuehlke house! I have had this post ready for a week or so, just trying to get some current pictures together. I haven't had much fun taking pictures due to camera issues. Let's call it a USER ERROR and a little boy who won't sit still, smile for the camera, or do much of anything that I ask these days! Grrr....

This is what we are up at at 26 months

1. For starters I am sure we have our first "girlfriend" at school.  After the Christmas break I asked Scotty if he was ready to go back to school. His reply with a big smile was "Emmy!" Emmy this and Emmy that.

2. We are climbing out of our crib! Every little noise ..."Oh no! Was that him already?"

3. A few months ago I blogged about his first song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We are completing the second and third verse, "How I wonder (insert foreign words here) are." Toddler Jukebox App is a MUST. Buys me a lot of time and it's totally adorable to listen to him sing along!  

4. A screwdriver will fix ANYTHING that is broken. Oh, Son! How I wish this were true. I adore your innocence.

5. Shake, Shake, Shake, touch your toes, clap clap clap, cheerleader sprinkles...Yes! That's right folks! We have a potty dance! We are learning to potty on the big boy potty like a big boy and doing GREAT!

6. Soup sounds like "poop"..."More "poop" please, Momma." 

7. Please, thank yous, and excuse me's....Great words that have made it into Scotty's regular vocabulary.

8. Fishing Pole...our new obsession in 2012. We fish out of the pool. (You can see how fishing out of a pool is safer then a muddy dark deep pond?!) Scotty hasn't caught anything yet! Thank God for that! hehe What's even better is watching Scotty cast his line. Downright knee slapping FUN!

9. Scotty is too old to go to the nursery at church...TEAR... However, he is now attending Sunday school and bringing Mommy home adorable art. Most importantly, he is learning about Jesus. A subject I hope he continues to love all his life.

10. When Scotty gets in trouble I give him a 1.2.3 count to improve behavior. From there, he continues on with! He is counting to twelve and working on 15. Now how in the world can you get a two year old in trouble after they count to 12!? I think Scotty has figured this out! Smarty Pants!

Our Hadley Girl 

1. She just turned 4 months old!   4 month shots=Poor baby, Please breathe! 

2. Her stats look like this: Weight; 16 pounds, 8 1/4 ounces  (94%), Height: 25 1/2 inches long (84%). She's our healthy big girl. Last night I dressed her in her 9 month PJ's!

3. She gets to start on cereal and fruit this month! Solids already?! She is not too excited about rice cereal. Can't say that I blame her. 

4. I think her first word is going to be Momma. I have my money on it! She often fusses at me and it sounds just like "momma". Oh no! 

5. She is working on holding her bottle. 

6. Wished she could sit up all by herself. She is trying SO hard!

7. Babbles a lot, blows bubbles, brings hands together, follows mommy with her eyes and loves to watch her big brother. Hoping she is learning what NOT to do!!

8. Rolling onto her side, but not a complete roll yet. Just hoping this roll doesn't come when one of us smart parents put her on the couch. That happened to Scotty! 

9. I love to go get Hadley in the morning. She has the biggest smile. So glad to see you...kind of like "Whatcha doing here?!" 

10. Continues to steal our hearts everyday. 

As for Mom, I am trying to adjust to a little work outside of home which comes with many challenges. For Scott, he started a new job this year. What a wonderful opportunity, we couldn't be happier. He works downtown now, so it puts him home a little later then we are used to. We are all adjusting to this. Loving most moments together, wishing some would pass!


The Zuehlke's

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Merry Christmas 2011

While Christmas 2011 was very busy and a little stressful, we had a wonderful time and have so much to be thankful for. We were able to spend time with all of our family which is what we enjoy most. We wish everyone a Happy New Year and many blessings in 2012. 

Silly Boy! 
Sugar Cookies

Frosting is Scotty's FAV. (Mine too)

Sleeping Beauty

Shifflett/Wacker Christmas. 

Hadley and Baba

Hadley and Mimi Christmas Eve

Screwdrivers can fix anything!

Mam-Maw and Great Grandsons

Aunt Stacy and Hadley 

Sugar Cookies with Nana
Haldley and 'Nita

Santa Came!

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning

Scotty do it!

Mr. Potato Head

Tricycle! Thanks Nana and Baba!

The Zuehlkes