Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hadley and Scotty

Lot’s of posts this week, but we have had a lot going on.
We had our anatomy scan on Thursday, and yes she is still a girl!  Dad made sure to ask. Hehe!  Miss Hadley seems to be growing and doing well thank God!  She was lying on her belly again and sucking on her fingers during the U/S. After a few shakes of my belly we finally got her to move her hands out of the way for a profile picture.  My pregnancy calendar says I should jot down a pregnancy memory so just a few things. 1. Way more heartburn this time around 2. Sleeping more soundly. (I am sure this will change in the coming months.) 3. So much more exhausting this time around due to a precious little boy who goes NON-STOP and has been sleeping less! 4. Hadley squirms quite often to let me know she is there. Sometimes when she hears Dad and Scotty playing she gets excited. I wonder what she is thinking…either she is excited to join our family or a bit scared?! We can’t wait to meet our little girl in September!

Hadley’s profile picture below and some pictures of Scotty this week at La Centerra enjoying the water and some yogurt afterwards.  Oh and me at almost 23 weeks. 
Hadley at almost 23 weeks, face up. 
Me and Hadley

Chocolate Yogurt...YUM! Love those little fingers.

Smiling for Mom!


More WA WA


The Zuehlke’s

Thursday, May 19, 2011

18 Months

Well our little boy is 18 months as of May 2nd. He continues to make us smile each day.
Here is a list of what our favorite little guy is up to these days. Mostly so mommy doesn’t forget!
            Scotty started his swim class this month. He is a little scared about a few events that take place in this class…particularly back floating and underwater swimming.
      We also continue to attend Little Gym on Friday’s with Dean. He absolutely loves this class! His favorite part is ball and bubble time. He was shy at first, but by the third class, he was fine and doesn’t seem to need me too much.
      Scotty continues to develop his vocabulary. Most often the beginning letter of words get left off. So instead of “rocks” we have “ocks”, “ack” instead of “snack” or “ass” instead of grass! We also tend to say specific words twice such as nite nite, mow-mow, wa-wa (water), yu-yu (yuck). We have nicknamed our milk “na-no”. I have absolutely no idea where this came from!  Other words include: bobble (apple), Dee Dee (Dre’ Dre’),  ous (outside), baby, home, rabbit, bike, moon, Bambi,B for Binkie, bubbles, mo (more), ducks, dool (Cool), bus or “us”, school,  turtle, coke, tea, Dean, Hadley. The list goes on.
      Scotty’s Baba (papa) will ask him, “Where does the bus go?” Scotty will say “School.” Baba will say, “and school is what?” Scotty will say “dool” or “cool”. I hope he thinks it’s cool since he will be going in September!
      Favorite Foods include beans, mashed potatoes, potato soup, French Fries, grilled chicken, Velveeta cheese crumbles, apple, and banana. He doesn’t eat many veggies at this time, so we do a lot of squeezable fruit/vegetable mixes, and Flinstone Vitamins!
      Scotty say’s he loves us in sign language. I don’t really know the real sign for “I Love you” but at the Zuehlke’s it’s several simple pats over the heart. This melts my heart every time.
      Scotty will not sit still to watch TV or a movie. He loves to play outside.  He is very active and mischievous and loves to run which I find totally adorable.  He is also very social. At the grocery store or at lunch he waves and says hello to EVERYONE, sometimes more then once. Often, people are caught off guard and when they realize he is talking to them, they usually say hi back.
      Scotty goes to sleep around 7:45 at night and is up at 6:30 with “Momma?” “Momma?” If Mom doesn’t answer then he switches to “Da-Da?” “Da-Da?” Also super sweet. He dropped his morning nap a few weeks ago. 
      At his 18 month check up he had the following measurements: Weight:  25.2 (39%) Height: 33 1/4 (79%) We are long and lean!
We love you Scotty!


The Zuehlke’s

Park Fun!

My sweet boy

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good Morning

This morning I go upstairs to get Scotty out of his crib after several "momma" come here, I am hungry calls. As I enter the room, I sing my good morning song as I always do. In case you are wondering what that is, it is from Sprout's songbird:  "Good morning, good morning, time to wake up, yawn, yawn, yawn, yawn, yawn etc.( I know a lot of you are finishing this song in your head. )Anyway, after I do my little number, Scotty lays down in his bed and acts like he isn't ready to get out of bed. This is normal. So I try to talk to him, tell him we need to change his diaper, ask him if he wants his milk or "na-no" and he gets really serious for a second, looks at me, concentrates, and in true boy fashion lets out a nice big TOOT and laughs!  Good morning to you too son! 


The Zuehlke's

Saturday, May 14, 2011

MOM's Day!

This year we celebrated all of the mom's here at the house. I cooked sirloin, shrimp, sauteed spinach, and yummy buttery garlic bread sticks. My mom pitched in on some amazing scalloped potatoes that Bubbey chowed on, and Scott's mom, Marilyn, picked up an Oreo cookie cake from Baskin Robbins. We all exchanged cards. Scott did extra great with his card this year. (I am still enjoying it on my night stand.)  While, I didn't mind cooking for our mom's (I was happy to do so)  I think next year we will be going out for dinner. Hint hint honey. 
Lately, I have been keeping in touch with a good friend of mine from H.S. by email.  Carrie, who is now married, and is a wonderful mommy to two adorable twins! Keep in mind that I grew up in a small Texas country town, population 2,100, 2 red lights, and a local Dairy Queen. When I asked her what she did for mother's day, this is what she wrote: "we did the breakfast outdoors, complete with white linens and fresh flowers for all the moms. All the mom's got potted plants and homemade jam. All the moms also got a little list of things they had done over time that had been special to us. We had a bakery in town make the food complete with Mimosas." WOW! Doesn't this sound like something right out of a Southern Living magazine?! Wait there is more...."my husband got me a gift certificate to the luxury day spa in Stephenville and a big surprise...a new camera!" Cool mother's day if you ask me! I am not knocking my day, I am grateful for my day and the time I spent with my family,  I just thought this sounded so nice and I had to share! Since I didn't take many pictures of Mother's Day, I thought I would also share some of Carrie's pictures! I also added some fun pictures of Carrie and I!

The Zuehlke's 
Carrie's Breakfast
Flowers and Homemade Jam

Happy Mother's Day! YUM!


1995 Homecoming!
I lived in Houston here. After College.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cameras and Bikes

For Christmas this past year, I got a new DSLR camera. What a great gift from my hubby. If only I could use the darn thing! So I decided to take a 6 week camera class with a friend of mine, Sarah.  I love this class! It's a break from being mom, and it's great "me" time. Something I don't get a lot of right now. I would definitely say that this is not a natural talent for me so I feel a little lost when I leave, but I am catching on slowly. Last week I didn't do so great on my HW because our entire family has been recovering from a nasty sinus infection. We are all finally feeling better, so I hope to get some practice pictures this week. Here are a few of my first blurred/focus pictures. Hope I can re-create this! 

In Scotty news, he got his first bike! I sent Scott and Scotty off to Academy for some crocs last weekend so I could do some shopping of my own. Crocs-check, new bike-check! Apparently, Scotty begged his daddy at age 18 months for the bike, and Dad fell victim.  The Zuehlke's go straight to the big boy stuff. No playing around with tricycle's! Scotty can reach the pedals, but he doesn't really know how to work it. Once he gets on for a minute, he says "off". I think he just likes the fact that he has a bike like every other neighborhood kid. I am sure he will be riding it like a pro in no time! Sorry for the bad filming!