Monday, August 25, 2014

My First 26.2- Finally blogged from last year!

So, I just realized it is getting close to a year from my last blog entry and on top of that my beautiful daughter still isn't in our family line up.  That is because a sweet friend helped me with my blog and I have no idea how to add her! Maybe this year I can figure it out!

SO... since it has been so long since my last post, I had to ask myself the obvious questions of why, what and how. Why so long? What will be my first post? How can I do better? 

I think since  the biggest accomplishment of 2014 personally was running and completing a marathon, and running season has begun we can start with a marathon post. I am pretty sure that last season on mile 21 my body along with my brain decided that it was a good idea to NEVER do this 26.2 miler thing again, EVER!  Well, running season has started, and we are  about 1.5 months into training and 10 miles in. Not sure what ever happened to that discussion at 21 miles last January. Oh yea, we completely forgot! 

So briefly I just want to re-cap last year's race. I actually wrote this last year. 

On training: 

Life continues, running continues, and the only way to fit those two together is to lose sleep, get your run in early and go on with life. 3:45 AM my friends every Saturday morning is really early! That means no glass of wine the night before to kick off the weekend (with two little kids I kinda need wine) , and probably not too much fun Saturday night because I don't know about you, but after a 21 miler and getting up at 3:45 I am really tired and frankly look and feel like....well you can fill in the blank.

On my partner: 

I was only able to run this marathon not just because I trained, but because I had someone to train with!  Do you know how hard it is to find a running partner?  I want to run my way, my pace, my time.When Jennie asked me to go run on a Saturday I was like sure...why not? Jennie and I quickly found out we were good together. Someone that runs your pace, but can push you at the same time. Well, that is just hard to find. Jennie helped me achieve my goal. Thank you Lord for this meeting. I also have to say that my husband was very supportive of this goal, his only day of the week to sleep in and here my alarm is going off! Thanks honey! 

On the run:

As we waited, my nerves began to build. I needed to fake pee, I got the chills, and I just could not believe it was race day! The gun went off at 7:00AM and it took us 8 minutes to get to the starting line. 7:08 and we were racing. We ran in the 8:40's for 13.1. We PR'd our half split at 1:55! We saw Scott, James, Dad, Mom and more friends at mile almost 17 and we felt good, except Jennie was having knee pain. Memorial was the hardest stretch for me. The infamous wall-oh yes I felt it. You keep hearing people say you are in single digits now, but then you think about it and yes you have ran so far, yet you still have 6 miles left. Equate that to time and for us that was another hour of running. The cheering on Memorial was the best and I probably needed it the most here. You actually felt obligated to complete strangers to just keep running although I felt like crying and walking! By memorial all the runners are pretty spread out, so you feel like everyone is watching you. It's like you just can't stop.

I have to say that 23-24 mile mark was the hardest mile of the entire race. I wanted to hit 24, because I knew that meant 2 miles left, but it felt like that 24 marker would NEVER come.  At this point, Jenny was really helping me to finish. I was hurting all over, and I remember thinking I never want to feel this way again. I tried SO hard to think happy thoughts or concentrate on something else like my music, but all I could think about was how bad I hurt! I not only was hurting, but I was nauseated...extremely nauseated. At this point in downtown, less than a mile to go I just wanted to stop...then I looked over and saw a lady laying on the ground with medics and I thought to myself she is so close yet she is not going to finish. After I crossed the finish line, I stopped and just fought back tears. Remember that nausea bit? Yea, well on the way home going 70 on 10, I puked out the window. Let me just tell you, if you have never done that it is an experience for ALL involved! I coated our car in gatoraid and water, probably some one elses, and gave Scott's hair a slight bath too. Yea....this happened. I have never puked during or after a workout in my life!! 


4:19 finish time. 

This year is still all about running, but with a different goal in mind and that is TIME. We have really improved our training times already and we hope to continue to do so over the next 4-5 months! Wish us luck. Our goal is 4:00, but anything in the 3:50 something would be fun to achieve! I know Jennie would agree. 

The Zuehlke's
Jenny and I. Our Finisher Picture for the Houston 2014 Marathon. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Scotty's Superhero Birthday Bash!

We celebrated Scotty's birthday November 3 at Westwood Gymnastics! His absolute favorite place for a birthday party! We had lot's of family and friends come and he had a BLAST celebrating! We had a Spiderman Super Hero themed party! Check out the spiderman balloon! He was so real looking Hadley kept a safe distance. 

Scotty- You are such a good little boy.   WE love watching you smile and laugh! Happy 4th Birthday Scotty! We love you! My best.

The Zuehlkes 

Our Hospital Trip in 2013

From the previous post, months later I am just now able to blog about Hadley having to take a trip to the hospital in 2013. Hadley girl went in for late shots that somehow our doctor missed in August.  At Hadley's party in September, she was limping. Limping everywhere. She had been diagnosed with Toxic Synovitis  3 weeks earlier just about. (Not Contagious) Toxic Synovitis attacks a joint, usually 1 big one. In her case it was her right hip. It usually makes its way out of the joint about 7-10 days later, but can take up to 2 weeks to resolve. It can be set off by shots. Ok, so at her party we are on 3 weeks and she is getting worse. By the end of the day she is almost crawling. My 2 year old is almost crawling....So, knowing that this diagnosis is just not right, we take her back to the doctor. At this point, I am told that my sweet little girl probably has JRA. (Juvenile Arthritis) The list included infection and possible tumor. As I sat in the patient room with the doctor, Scotty, and Hadley tears fell down my face. My sweet son wiping my tears away asked me, "Mommy what is wrong? Hadley will be ok." I tried not to cry, but I just could not hold back. This diagnosis sent us to TX Children's Med Center for a very long day of questions, needles, a MRI, and a very scared little girl and family. Nana and Baba came for support.   With no answers that week, we went for a Bone Scan at Texas Children's Katy. Both times I held my baby as they put her to sleep. Sounds maybe not like a big deal, but this was the hardest part for me. 
Today was the day we got answers! Finally, after  6 weeks of mis-diagnosis. As Scott and I went back into the recovery room our little girl was waking up from anethstesia and quite frankly "drunk" and funny. As she passed gas, she blamed it on a frog in the room. Perfect Hadley. She had the nurses laughing and us too. We still wished we had this on video. It was the first time we had laughed in weeks and it felt good! We were also told that Hadley had a severe muscle and bone infection in her Femur and right buttocks and NO JRA. This was the outcome we prayed for. The outcome my son told me at the doctors office when he said "Hadley will be OK".  We went straight to the ER and into the hospital for 5 days. I took a lot of blood pressures and temps for the doctors and nurses because Hadley prefer that "Mommy do it" or "Baby Bear go first." We did follow up appointments for 6 weeks with antibiotics and I can report that she went off of her antibiotic a few weeks ago and is doing wonderful.
I spent this entire experience on my knees and there was a specific day that the Lord spoke to me through others. He has done this several times with Hadley and I have learned to really pay attention. It was a testament of faith because his answer was -"Calm down and have faith in me." 


The Zuehlkes 

Playing in the Playroom at Texas Children's!

Always Happy Hadley

Big Brother making Hadley Laugh 

Dogs came to visit Hadley in the Hospital!

Headed to Canyon Lake after the Hospital 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Blinked-She's 2!

I blinked and she turned 2! I feel like I just had this little one. She is growing up right before my eyes and it seems so fast! She is becoming her own little independent person although she is STILL a momma's girl! "I do it" is in full swing!  Happy Birthday to our beautiful Hadley Girl! You are truly a gift! We love you so! 

Vintage Pony Party at Clays! Sandbox, pony rides (she was too scared), chickens, birthday cake, and lot's of love for the  birthday girl from friends and family!  Just the perfect little party! I had so much fun with this one! 

 Vintage Pony Party

The Zuehlke's 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

She Started Pre-School

This year Hadley started Pre-school! She is now going Mondays and Wednesdays to ECDC with her big brother! Brother added a day and is also going on Fridays. These 6 hours to myself during the week is just what I needed!  Sorry kids, love you to the moon and back, but love a little "me" time too!

On their first day of pre-school for the 2013-2014 school year they begged the entire way to school to "stay home with you." Made me feel good, but not good enough to turn the car around!   I was so proud of Hadley as she walked into her classroom. No tears at all. She settled into her room just fine.  Hadley is a Panda this year with Mrs. Debbie and she absolutely adores her. On the way out of her classroom today,  I watched Hadley go right up to Mrs. Debbie and give her a big hug and kiss. Melted my heart. 

Scotty is an owl this year in Mrs. Melissa's room. He seems to be loving his class, but he is definitely one tired little guy during the week. Pre-school is hard work! He is missing his friend Mazie this year, but fortunately they get to play on the playground together. Scotty adores Mazie, and when I asked him if Mazie looked pretty today on the playground over dinner he responded, "Oh yea, you bet she did!" So hysterical! Love you both and I wish you the best year! 

The Zuehlke's 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Past 9 Months.

2012-2013 has been a really busy, stressful, fun, exciting, confusing I-could-go-on type of year, but I am thankful for it! We sold our first home together, built and designed every little detail in a new one, lived in a 1200 sq. foot town home for 6 months, moved twice, and had two little kids who we love dearly and are so thankful to be back into a routine!

I must start with my Hadley girl. This year has flown by! I just thought to myself the other day that I am about to have to plan her birthday party. What was more crazy than thinking about her birthday party? Buying her a lunch box and a nap mat for SCHOOL! Yes, Hadley will be headed to ECDC in the fall with her brother! While I am excited for her and my time during the day...I just can't believe she is already headed off to school. So, since I haven't posted a lot about my sweet girl over the year because of the extreme amount of time building a home takes, I am going to just post about her today. 

-Weighs: about #30 and she is taller than most 2 year olds and wears size 7 shoes!!! 
-Wears size 5 diapers
-Can take her shoes off with minimal help.
-Trying to take her clothes off and on by herself 
-Obsession with SHOES. Can't say that I blame her! Hadley can walk all the way across the house in high heels! I really don't know how she does this, but I find it impressive for a 1 year old.
-Since I started my Stella and Dot jewelry business she is equally obsessed with jewelry, well who wouldn't be it's Stella and Dot!??! 
-Is doing well with silverware and is not throwing food on the floor anymore! Finally! 
-Is the pickiest eater EVER! IF she doesn't know what it is, she won't even try it. I mean COME ON!!!  Her menu includes the following: Chicken tenders on occasion, beans, rice, chips with green sauce, mac and cheese, guacamole,  french fries, milk, juice, squeezable fruit, cuties (which aren't in season right now ugh!), Hummus, spaghetti with meat sauce, mashed potatoes. This is about all! So frustrating! 
-Hadley has lots of words, and also sentences which include the most important ones like "I don't like it" or "I don't want it" or "I want some" or " I don't want some" or "Go Play Mommy" See how these are so incredibly important? She has a lot of words, but doesn't always use them because screaming is easier! Throwing and scratching also work well. We are working on this! 

Hadley is incredibly beautiful and sweet and often gives what we call "Hadley love"  which is when she puts her head by yours as if to hug and love on you. If you know Hadley well, you have received some Hadley love. She adores her brother and will do everything he does. Good and bad! They have a good little relationship that has developed just recently and it is adorable. 
She is MY girl and prefers me over everyone, but she is getting better about letting me leave her places and I am so thankful for that. She knows I will be back to get her really soon! She loves Daddy and he loves his little girl to pieces! She takes her Baby Bear and "My B" AKA Binkie EVERYWHERE! We love her and Scotty like crazy and we couldn't be more blessed! 

Hadley Girl!

My Best Boy

New Home!

The Zuehlke's 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Swim Time

Yesterday was also the very first mommy and me swim class with my sweet little girl. She did very well. A few tears here and there, but that was to be expected.  I was very proud of her. She floated excellent on her back just like her brother did at that age and it brought back a lot of sweet memories. It's hard to believe that in a few months she will probably going into the pool without me.  Just look at this adorable little thing. Have you ever seen anything cuter?! She is 17 months here. WOW! She my gorgeous girl!

Bear and Hadley headed to swim