Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat 2011

 Scotty and candy goes together like peas and carrots... However, peas and carrots won't give you a stomach ache or cause tooth decay. But who cares about that right?! It's Halloween! Scotty had a fun time getting candy just handed to him from door to door. Scotty did not disappoint with a sweet little "thank you" after each visit,  which in some cases gained him some extra pieces of candy! What a sweet little boy you are! Baba Z, Baba, and Nana also came along to watch. Scotty, you were the best Bob ever! We love you!

Bob the Builder! Yes we Can!

Scotty and Daddy

Happy Halloween! XOXO
The Zuehlke's

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hadley's Photo Shoot

These are some of my favorite pictures from Hadley's photo shoot. She was 7 days old in these shots. I posted these on Facebook a few weeks ago, so these are for those of you who don't have Facebook. 


LOVE this one

Love you H Girl


The Zuehlke's

Sunday, October 23, 2011

All About Fall!

Fall is finally here and with it brings us some cooler weather! Finally! We have enjoyed spending more time outside, painting pumpkins, pumpkin art, carving pumpkins, visiting the pumpkin patch, and talking ALL about "punkins" oh and "clowns" AKA Scarecrows.  Scotty is so hands-on and has enjoyed each of these activities! While Hadley is too little to enjoy all of these things, she comes with us everywhere. I know I will blink and she will be playing amongst the "punkins" too.

St. Peter's Church Pumpkin Patch

A few of my favorite PUNKINS! :) 

Finger in the Eye

Baba and Scotty 


The Zuehlke's 

Monday, October 17, 2011

1 Month In

Lot's going on! Here is the quick version! 

Hadley: Won't take a Bink, dislikes formula-breast milk only for my little lady, loves to be held ALL DAY=SPOILED ROTTEN already! However, sleeping like a little princess at night makes mommy very happy! 1 MONTH OLD!

Scotty: Mr. Independent..."Scotty do it!" is his reply to EVERYTHING! Has been very sweet to his sister and slowly forgiving his mommy. I think after leaving a TURD (Yes, I repeat a TURD) under my clothes in my closet he is feeling better about things. Continues to have a ball at MDO! About to be 2 in a few weeks and acting like it! 

Mommy: Exhausted and overwhelmed! Not yet adjusted to the new craziness of 2 under the age of 2! Running daily again and LOVING every minute of it! Hitting the gym while the kiddos are asleep at night because I am dying to wear my fall clothes!!! My maternity clothes are looking pretty raunchy!  

Dad: Learning to juggle everything AIN'T easy!

Dogs: Dre' is jealous! Flip protective!

Picture Below: Should have just posted this! You get the idea! CRAZY!