Sunday, August 28, 2011


So yesterday we reached an all time HEAT record in Houston...109! Lots of fun when you are 9 months pregnant!!! I told Scott recently that I just don't like summer anymore. He just laughed and said "Well you have been pregnant 2 out of the last 3 summers!" Maybe in the future I will change my mind about summer around here, but right now I am thinking NOT!

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hadley's Nursery

After a few errands this morning, I finally found some items to finish out Hadley's room! At almost 37 weeks, I am really glad it is D.O.N.E!  I have a special piece of art to add :) , and it will be ready for our precious little girl we are just dying to meet very very soon!

A view into her room

 Bedding from

Book Nook and Rocker with Moroccan Pouf

Book Nook with Owl Night Light from Land of Nod...I just love!
I have been buying all sorts of new books. I don't think she will care much for trucks?
Pink sock monkey just for Hadley

Above the changer

Changing Station...Scotty's old changing dresser with new white knobs.


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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quick Update

Ok, so WAY behind on blogging, but I need to do a quick update! I am just so tired at this point and there is SO much going on! 

-We had an U/S for Hadley today! We all went! She is looking GREAT and it looks like we have another big baby on our hands! She was weighing around 7.1 pounds, measuring 37+ weeks, and a head circumference measuring around 39+ weeks! With the head measurement , I am pretty happy about having another C-section! These measurements are pretty normal for my babies I am finding out, as these sound almost identical to Scotty's! 
-We finished up Little Gym for the summer and dad got to attend a class too! 
-Scotty is starting to say his name very well, and taking ownership for things...."Who's shirt is this?" "Scotty's"
-We attended a birthday party for a sweet little girl, where Scotty met his first CLOWN named Curly! Scotty was mesmerized! I thought for sure there would be tears, but nope! He loved the clown! He is still talking about him after a week!

-Scotty will also start Mother's Day out in September two days a week. I hope he just loves it! I have his nap mat and lunch box ready to go! Now, I am just trying to find something to put in his lunch box so he doesn't starve at school! Wish me luck! 
-We continue swim class at HSC. Scotty has been having a lot of separation anxiety and crying off and on throughout the class..."Momma's". The last two weeks he has shown improvement, with minimal tears. I am so glad! It's hard to watch your baby cry. 

-After almost two months, we finally finished the laundry/office remodel. I am in love with both of them! However, the study is amazing and both are so functional. Scott designed the entire thing! He did a great job! Thanks honey! Now, I can't wait to get both area's in order/decorated, but I think I need to finish Hadley's room 1st!!
-September the 7th is my last day at work for 12 weeks. Then, I get to return for 2 days a week! I am so grateful that my employer will work with me in this way. I love being able to work, but I also love being a mommy and wife. I hope that this will give me a good balance to do all three! 
The Zuehlke's 
I have been horrible at taking camera pics, so I-phone we go!
Last Day at Little Gym
Nap Mat
Curly the Clown and Scotty

Just a quick tease for Mom.  

Scotty got in Dad's hair gel this morning. He applied it all by himself! I got some too!

Not happy with this look!



Thursday, August 18, 2011

In Honor of Hadley...

Baby Shower... I would say this was more of a party to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our little girl Hadley, which is scheduled for September 14, 2011! We CAN'T wait! This was our first party for Hadley, one of many I pray in the future.  Birthday parties, slumber parties, JUST BECAUSE parties, graduation parties, engagement parties, wedding parties (dad dreads this already)  etc.  Some seem so far in the future, yet time has a way of flying by so fast.  I hope to take advantage of every moment. We will soon be 4 + 2 dogs=6!

We had a great amount of support from our family and friends and we were so thankful that many of them were able to come to the party.  It really meant a lot to us. On another note, I must say thank you to the hostesses who coordinated and did all the work that goes into putting on a party. It was absolutely beautiful!  

Scotty...he was quite the little social butterfly at the party. I hardly saw him he was so busy entertaining everyone! 

Camera...well it had some memory card issues. All fixed now, but we didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked. There are a lot of people that were there that didn't get into any pictures, including myself! Such a bummer!

Lot's of fresh pink, white and yellow flowers to match Hadley's color scheme.

Cupcakes! Yum!
Love the Cup Cake Toppers!
Door Sign

Love the Chandelier. Hadley has one above her bed too. 
Martin and Chris 

My Husband and J-Fo. One of the Hostesses. 

The William's and McGee's

Jason and Laura 
Travis and Jennifer
My Father-in-Law cooking up dinner! And Jared Bartending! My cousin's new Hubby!
The Bean's

Art and Anita
Group Shot
Hadley's Loot!

Hairbows and Headbands


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Friday, August 5, 2011

Don't Do That Again!

This week my little boy tested my mommy skills. I am so glad that I passed this one with flying colors.

 During the chaotic sherade of cooking dinner and trying to keep a toddler from (the only word that comes to my mind is destruction) Moms of toddlers, you know what I am talking about! If you don't have a toddler yet, be prepared. It's coming! Anyway, as I cook dinner watching Scotty he begs for a vitamin. I explain, being a good mom and dietitian, that he doesn't need any more vitamins today. "Only one". After continuing to beg, I finally gave in knowing one extra one today wouldn't hurt. While my casserole cooked, Scotty and I took a bath etc. During this time he discovered dad's pill box. I explained this was daddy's pills vitamins etc. Wrong choice of words. I put them WAY back in the drawer and we left the room. After sometime, I had totally forgot about vitamins and pills.  I take the food out to put the cheese on and pop it back in the oven. Just about 20 seconds or so. I don't see Scotty so I go to find him. As I round the corner into the bathroom, I see the pill box open, in hand, and  I can tell he has one in his mouth. I guess he had NOT forgotten about the vitamins/pills!  Just like any good toddler would do,  the minute he sees me rounding the corner he swallows! I went into mommy mode! I gagged him and fortunately he threw up several times. 

He was crying, I was crying. I was in hysterics. I know what you are thinking. Why were the pills there to begin with? We keep all the pills locked up, but as your baby gets older sometimes you just don't realize what they are capable of doing or reaching and how quick things like this can happen. This reaching into drawers is a new one for us. I guess we will be getting drawer locks now!

 I wish  I could reason with a toddler. It doesn't work. I have tried numerous times.  If he would only understand that when mommy says "no" it's for a very good reason. I will always try and protect Scotty, no matter what age, but I guess sometimes they have to learn for themselves. Whew!


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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ATX and Scotty News

We took a little mini vacay a few weeks ago with some good friends, The Feigleson’s, to their family lake house in ATX. We were recenlty introduced to The Cresap’s who also live in our neighborhood and they joined us as well. We all had such a great time together mainly boating, eating, floating, movie watching and laughing. It was nice to have a break from parenthood! Scotty stayed with family. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Me, Sarah, and Deanna

The Prego's ( 32 Weeks Here)

Wake boarding!

Baba Gary, Scotty, and Cousin Jackson

So funny! Look at Scotty's face...Jackson is giving some love. So sweet!
Scotty News!

-We have a big boy potty!

We were showing a lot of interest in the potty and telling me when we needed to potty, so I thought why not!? We are not full on potty training. I am in no shape for that right now, but we are just talking about our potty and using it when we feel the need to. We also have a book by my favorite author, Karen Katz, called “A Potty for Me” . If you haven’t heard of Karen, she does a lot of flip books and Scotty simply loves them. She has all sorts of teaching books.


We are tadpole status at swim class which means I am no longer in the water . He has the sweetest teacher and she is very patient with him. He has done some crying during class, but mother’s have assured me this was normal and that he would get better. He still does everything his teacher asks, but not without some tears. It’s hard for mom to watch, but it’s necessary he learns to swim.


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