Saturday, October 30, 2010

Monkey Business

Oh boy! We have a little monkey on our hands!! Always getting into something! I know that ALL little kids climb into the dishwasher at some point, but I still had to post! 


The Zuehlke's

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall is Here

I am a little behind in posting for the week!  We started last week off with an ear infection on the left and a molar coming in on the right. The result has been a very restless  baby. Lot's of crying, fussing, tylenol, and a few 3 AM wake up calls for mom. We hope to get our happy little boy back soon!!

Fall is here!  Bring on the pumpkins, scary costumes, and cool weather! Scotty got a chance to practice his "Trick or Treating" early at a church fall festival as this will be his very first Halloween!  Last year at this time, we were just dying to meet him! He was a little shy at first, but warmed up to the idea of free candy really quick!  I helped him pick out all the good stuff! 

We stopped by the pumpkin patch at our church as we had scheduled pictures with a photographer! I was so excited! These were going to be some good pictures! The photo session ended up being a BUST when I realized we had totally missed the day for the pictures! I still took some of my own, but I can't say they turned out like anything I imagined...

We spent some time with family and also attended Grayson's 2nd birthday party where Scotty enjoyed hanging with the big boys and playing with all the cool toys! He fell asleep on the way home! He was so exhausted! 


The Zuehlke's

(Scott's Cousin Scooter and Fiance' Alissa) 

(Proud Dad's with their Boys!)

(The Birthday Boy! Take a look at those cute cupcakes! Great Job Pepper!)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wedding Weekend


My husband had the honor of being asked to be a groomsman this past weekend in a beautiful Catholic wedding for our friends Martin and Chris in Corpus Christi. We sent Scotty to his Nana and Papa’s so we could enjoy all the wedding festivities.
The weekend was filled with lots of laughs, sore body parts from dancing, wine, hangovers, sobbing, and more laughter. Scott, I don’t think was too sore considering he did LOTS of stretching in between dance moves. Yes, for those of you that know Scott, his signature move got a lot of action this weekend, followed with a classic “dance off” with Michael! Hysterical as always! The wedding day was a beautiful day, along with the ceremony, reception, and as always the bride! Thanks to Martin and Chris for allowing us to share in their very special day!

“Cab’s are Here!” -Pauly D


The Zuehlke’s
( Scott and I with, Mike, Leah, and Jason)

(Scott and I before the wedding)

(Mike and Leah)

(The beautiful Bride and "exceptional" Groom...They were so nice to stop and let me snap a picture!)

(So, I had to post the Grooms Cake! If you know Martin, you know this cake is very fitting!)

(The bride's Niece...Michael scooped her up for a dance! Love her!) 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our Saturday

We had success at our garage sale, completed our errands and even took a rest on Saturday! After we all got up from our naps, we had a lovely evening as a family! We took Scotty up to Seven Lakes H.S. and we walked the track while dad took a jog. Then we headed to the park to swing and slide!  Not only did Scotty swing and slide, so did I. However, I don’t remember feeling nauseated when swinging as a child?! I leaned over to ask the lady on the next swing over if she felt the same way?! She said, “Oh yea, why do you think I am just sitting on the swing!”   Having a child is such a great excuse to act like a kid again! I love it, but it’s definitely different this time around!  Last minute, we decided to head up to the local pizza parlor for a pizza, salad, and some Pino! When we got home we sent Scotty to bed so we could watch a movie. I was SO excited! Scott was excited, who knows the last time we sat down together to watch a movie!!!  After flipping from A-Z of movie titles (not recognizing any of them because it’s been so long) we settled on TV…AGAIN!

Some of Scotty’s new accomplishments include, clapping for him self when he does something he thinks is super cool.  He is also holding his bottle (FINALLY!!)…he sometimes one hands it which as parents we find hilarious for some reason!! We have also been asking him, “What sound does the doggie make?” and he will bark like a dog! He will also bark like a dog if he hears Flip or Dre’ barking!  It’s amazing to watch him learn and make associations. We are still not fully walking. We are “cruising” along the furniture, and we can take a few steps by our self which usually ends in the most hilarious dramatic fall, but he continues to make progress!

His obsession with beans continues along with feeding himself….not a very good combination. See below. Bath time!


The Zuehlke's

I LOVE Beans!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


It’s finally October in Houston! One of my favorite months due to the beautiful weather! Since it’s been so nice, after work I have been able to go running with Scotty. He sits up and watches everything around him. We see people, little babies, big dogs, little dogs, birds, flowers, squirrels, ducks, etc…my little boy takes it all in. We also have many interesting discussions and Scotty practices his early pitching game with his binky and sippy cup. The goal/game is to throw the object out of the stroller. This is not a lot of fun for mom… rather annoying, but nevertheless it’s a part of the run.

After running by a pond with ducks on almost every occasion, I finally remembered to take some bread with us. I thought it would make the run more enjoyable. I would get a breather and Scotty could see the ducks up close. We picked the best day to feed the ducks! As we turned the corner, we saw a sweet little duck family. Wow, 10 baby ducklings! Can you imagine!? All of which let us feed them. While feeding the family, I noticed that the momma duck would not take food from her babies. She would only take the bread if I threw it right in front of her and no baby had even glanced in that direction. As my husband will tell you, my arm isn’t that good, so she didn’t get that much bread, but I tried to ensure that she got some food! After all, mom deserves to eat too! Sorry to report guys, but the dad was up at the front gobbling all of the food and stealing it from his babies! I laughed to myself and thought, you know this is just about right! Not too far off to what happens around my house! I posted a few pictures of the ducks and babies. They were much closer, but it was hard to feed the ducks, make sure Scotty's stroller wasn't going to plow into the water, and grab the phone to take the picture.


The Zuehlke

(You can see a few of the babies)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Busy, Busy

Well, we have been very busy this past week! Last Thursday Scotty and I went to Roundtop to the Antiques Show. We went with Sarah and her adorable boy Dean. We were ecstatic! Actually, I was ecstatic….Scotty not so much. Once we got there we hit the Marburger Show first, which I must admit was beautiful! There were so many amazing found objects, lighting, mirrors, art, etc. By 1:00 the boys were tired, but the moms kept shopping. While the moms shopped, the boys secretly plotted a plan for escape! First, Scotty had a melt down which including crying, standing in the stroller, and his famous back arch (which he knows I HATE). Once Scotty calmed down, it was Dean’s turn. They were also starting to get hot and sweaty. So, (the boys happy their plan succeeded) we decided to head home. What an exhausting day for everyone! I can’t wait to go back….no boys allowed next time!
On Friday we had a nice lunch with Miranda at Chili’s. Scotty was very good and we both enjoyed seeing her! Miranda was at the hospital the day Scotty was born and has helped out with Scotty at times we have really needed someone. We were so glad to see her and wish we could see her more often!

On Saturday, unfortunately Scott’s Uncle Bill passed away and so we made a trip to Marble Falls to attend the funeral. We left Scotty at home. I couldn’t see 8 hours in the car with an 11 month old very enjoyable for anyone! OU and Texas were playing that day so on the way home we did make a quick stop in Austin at Maudie’s for Mexican food and Longhorn Football. It was nice to spend time together.

Sunday we spent the evening at Grandpa’s for his birthday with family. I had turned to talk to Art, and the next thing I know Stacy and Scott are hitting Scotty’s back and Scott is scooping a huge chip out of his mouth. My little boy had choked! It happened so fast. After that, Scotty cried and cried “momma” “momma” “momma”. I held my little boy tight. It had really scared him! Sorry Scotty, but no more chips for now!

The Zuehlke’s

(My Favorite Boys)

(Scotty and Anita)

(Grandpa and Anita)