Monday, July 18, 2011

Love You


Tonight you told momma "love you" (first time) before you went to bed! Not in sign language, but with your sweet little mouth! My heart melted. I love you too Scotty! I will always love you my sweet boy! I will love you forever and ever! Great birthday present son!

The Zuehlke's

Sunday, July 17, 2011

33 Monday

Well, I turn another year old on Monday. 33 to be exact. We did some celebrating over the weekend since my birthday, is on a Monday. The beginning of the weekly whirlwind. Over the weekend, while I changed  tons of diapers, my little one has had a case of well, the big "D" which has left behind the WORST diaper rash, with lot's of crying and in need of mommy,  I began to think about how my birthday celebration has really changed over the past few years.          
Instead of 4 inch heels and a LBD, I am in flip flops, blue jean cut offs (4 sizes too big),  and a maternity top. While Bacardi and diet coke sounds wonderful, it's just diet coke. Instead of having a big party, this year dinner with loved ones is absolute. Don't get me wrong, my days of fun are NOT over. Personally, I think they are just beginning! Holding my little one while I blew out my birthday candles, surrounded by my family, was well priceless.  I can't wait to see what the coming birthday's will hold. Bring them on....just not too fast!

Love my Cake! Chocolate with Buttercream! YUM!

I honestly did not have enough air to blow out my candles! Babies fault. :)

Scotty sneaking some icing!

Scotty and Dad.

The Zuehlke's 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Belly BUMP

A few weeks ago we had our good friend Pepper come over to take some bump pictures.  I thought it might be fun this time around with Scotty. Although Scotty was not super cooperative, Pepper managed to get some good ones....somehow! Pepper, thank you so much for capturing this special time for our family!

My little love!


The Zuehlke's 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Not Quite a Big Boy

We have been very busy preparing for Hadley. Cleaning and organizing are top priorities. We also have a home project that is keeping us busy which is a lot of fun! I am in my third trimester, exhausted, and a complete joy to be around. Honey, you can laugh now.

What’s up with Scotty?

He turned 20 months on July the 2nd. 

Scotty got promoted to Tadpole status at swim. From what I understand, this means that I don’t have to get in the water anymore. Whoo-hoo?! I am quite nervous about this. His first class starts next week. I hope we both do well!

Scotty has recently become quite obsessed with watching himself pee. Yes, maybe this is a boy thing, but every time we do a diaper change, Scotty will bear down, get red faced, fists clutched and well watch himself pee…He finds it fantastic! He also loves to aim for the drain hole in the shower. After any type of bath we have to immediately get him dry and diapered. Otherwise, we are running behind him wiping up pee as he is squatting in various places. I feel like I have a new puppy or something! So thankful for tile floors! Some say maybe he is ready to start potty training. While this may be true, I don’t think I am ready for that hurdle yet. We will probably buy a little potty for him soon and just begin to discuss it. To add to this interest in peeing we also love to toot and announce to everyone that we in fact tooted followed by a huge grin. This is definitely a BOY thing!

This weekend we also tried to transition Scotty into his big boy bed. Scotty completely refused. He got out 5 times only, but every other time he could not put himself to sleep. After two days of no naps, extremely bad behavior, fussiness, whining, a very moody, impatient, and tired momma, and a dad that was also very tired, we gave up and ended up buying a new mattress…a crib mattress that is. We decided that Scotty isn’t ready for a big boy bed. If I wasn’t SO pregnant and tired, and at home where I could work with Scotty more I think this might work, but that is not the case. There are a lot of changes going on including a new sibling, new room, and school. We plan to put his crib in his new room. We love Scotty and want him to be happy to transition into a big boy bed when he is ready.

I don't comment much on the dogs, but they are still our little babies, and doing well. I feel so bad for them because they are bothered daily by a little boy.  Scotty definitely gets time out anytime he is ugly to the dogs. Dre' and Flip, I believe, love Monday through Wednesday so they can catch up on sleep!!!   Sorry sweet little boys!!

Enjoying the Bubbles 


The Zuehlke’s