Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Nasty Bug

SO, the kiddos got the stomach flu. Wow. I wasn't expecting Hadley to get the throw up bug so soon. Scotty was 2.5 before he threw up, but Hadley just 1! Sunday night around 8:30, Scotty is getting into bed and Dad  yells..."Honey, throw up everywhere." These are SUCH dreadful words. I hate throw up! I have a fear of it. If someone says "I don't feel good," I get scared.  I find it repulsive and frankly I never knew once I had kids how I could ever clean up or be around vomit.  Is this subject making your stomach turn yet?  It is mine. My stomach has been upset for days! Poor Hadley was so sick. I held her for 4 hours so I would be there when/if she got sick again. She was so upset. She just didn't understand what was going on. The minute I finally got her back into bed, I hear Scotty sick in the next room. What a night!  The poor child was sick every 10-15 min for about 9 hours! Yes, 9 hours.....I thought it would never end. At 4:30 in the morning, I finally got Scott up to take care of Scotty. I hadn't slept one wink. Back to, " I never knew once I had kids how I could ever clean up or be around vomit." Well, I just do it. I totally rock it. Yes I said that. I really can't believe how well I can handle it! I find it amazing...

NOW, onto a slightly funny story. Scotty fell asleep on the couch in the game room upstairs. I was downstairs visiting with my sister-in-law. We hear a loud thud. We thought Scotty had gotten up from his nap, but then when we didn't hear him,  we figured it was the roofers who happened to have just shown up. About 10 minutes later I go upstairs to check on Scotty, only to find him sound asleep on the floor!!! Blanket halfway on the couch, halfway on the ground. Poor baby MUST have been tired!


The Zuehlke's 

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