Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Hospital Trip in 2013

From the previous post, months later I am just now able to blog about Hadley having to take a trip to the hospital in 2013. Hadley girl went in for late shots that somehow our doctor missed in August.  At Hadley's party in September, she was limping. Limping everywhere. She had been diagnosed with Toxic Synovitis  3 weeks earlier just about. (Not Contagious) Toxic Synovitis attacks a joint, usually 1 big one. In her case it was her right hip. It usually makes its way out of the joint about 7-10 days later, but can take up to 2 weeks to resolve. It can be set off by shots. Ok, so at her party we are on 3 weeks and she is getting worse. By the end of the day she is almost crawling. My 2 year old is almost crawling....So, knowing that this diagnosis is just not right, we take her back to the doctor. At this point, I am told that my sweet little girl probably has JRA. (Juvenile Arthritis) The list included infection and possible tumor. As I sat in the patient room with the doctor, Scotty, and Hadley tears fell down my face. My sweet son wiping my tears away asked me, "Mommy what is wrong? Hadley will be ok." I tried not to cry, but I just could not hold back. This diagnosis sent us to TX Children's Med Center for a very long day of questions, needles, a MRI, and a very scared little girl and family. Nana and Baba came for support.   With no answers that week, we went for a Bone Scan at Texas Children's Katy. Both times I held my baby as they put her to sleep. Sounds maybe not like a big deal, but this was the hardest part for me. 
Today was the day we got answers! Finally, after  6 weeks of mis-diagnosis. As Scott and I went back into the recovery room our little girl was waking up from anethstesia and quite frankly "drunk" and funny. As she passed gas, she blamed it on a frog in the room. Perfect Hadley. She had the nurses laughing and us too. We still wished we had this on video. It was the first time we had laughed in weeks and it felt good! We were also told that Hadley had a severe muscle and bone infection in her Femur and right buttocks and NO JRA. This was the outcome we prayed for. The outcome my son told me at the doctors office when he said "Hadley will be OK".  We went straight to the ER and into the hospital for 5 days. I took a lot of blood pressures and temps for the doctors and nurses because Hadley prefer that "Mommy do it" or "Baby Bear go first." We did follow up appointments for 6 weeks with antibiotics and I can report that she went off of her antibiotic a few weeks ago and is doing wonderful.
I spent this entire experience on my knees and there was a specific day that the Lord spoke to me through others. He has done this several times with Hadley and I have learned to really pay attention. It was a testament of faith because his answer was -"Calm down and have faith in me." 


The Zuehlkes 

Playing in the Playroom at Texas Children's!

Always Happy Hadley

Big Brother making Hadley Laugh 

Dogs came to visit Hadley in the Hospital!

Headed to Canyon Lake after the Hospital 

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