Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bye Bye 14 months!

Bye Bye 14 months, hello 15 months! Scotty turned 15 months on Groundhog Day! I wanted to re-cap our last month because it seems like 14 months was jam packed with things I definitely want to remember.   For starters, Scotty’s conversation has really taken off. He is talking A LOT! We have many conversations. Some words are very good, others are somewhat code. Scotty is somewhat obsessed with the outdoors and asks to go “ice” or “outside” many times a day. In an effort to stay outside, he always plans a quick escape down the driveway upon returning home.  Of course Scotty is laughing the entire way, while I am freaking out as he gathers speed down the steep driveway!
He is really in love with all the special men in his life. Scotty is making all kinds of associations. Returning from our walk, Scotty says “Mom” while pointing at the basketball goal and says “ball” “baba.” (AKA Papa)  I thought it was so neat he associated all these things together. He also associates water, with rain, and ponds and water falls and points out water as we drive down the road. We had our first poop in the tub, sorry Miranda! Dad got the second one, which he seemed a little scared of, might I add dad was too,  and so far none for mom! Thanks son! We have a new love for books. We must read every single one more then once before bedtime, or we are not happy! We point and talk through the entire book. Scotty asks for one of his friends “Dean” quite often which I find adorable because Dean is adorable too! We are picky with our food and we throw tantrums and anything in our hands at the time.  We are spending more time in time-out these days, but this is just because Scotty is becoming so independent. He wants to do everything himself, including feeding himself, with his very own spoon and fork. He loves Dre’ Dre’ or “Do dr”, and is getting closer everyday to getting his hands on Flip! We can’t wait to see what 15 months brings us!


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