Thursday, March 3, 2011


I haven’t been able to blog for awhile. Baby Z 2, is keeping me exhausted and sick every evening. However, I have to say this baby is treating me better then my little Scotty did, he kept me sick 24-7 for several months. My mom says she can’t believe I was brave enough try again! Lucky for me, I am not as sick this time around. Thank you Baby Z 2.
I am now almost done with my 11th week, so hopefully I will have some relief very soon. Our last appointment was a bit scary as we had to get an U/S to hear the baby’s heartbeat. They were unsuccessful at finding it in the exam room. I felt everything was ok, due to the feeling of being pregnant, the nausea, and the just plain yuck feeling all day.  Thank you God for a healthy pregnancy thus far… Also, please let this be a girl! Amen. Of course, Scott and I don’t have the same feelings on this one. If it was up to him we would have a house full of boys! Again, please let this be a girl…I don’t want to even imagine that!  We shall see in April! Of course I would love another little boy too! 

 Onto our precious little boy….he is now 16 months. He is still loving the outdoors! He can stay outside and entertain himself for hours on end. He did get a few bumps and bruises this past weekend; He fell one time and scraped his knee, another time  his face! Poor guy! We also at one point had a bloody mouth. Popsicles made it better instantly! 

Throwing is constant. Everything MUST and WILL be thrown no matter what! When will this stop?!
Hiding! Yes, we love hiding in all the cabinets around the house. 

He also misses his cousin Jackson! He often sneaks in the office to look at Jackson's picture! So cute! 

We had a play date last Friday with about 6 other little boys. After arriving for the play date Scotty stood very still checking everyone out, not moving for a good 5-10 minutes. He finally decided everyone was ok to play with and ended up having a good time. Dad says it's good to be cautious. However,  I think we have somewhat of a shy little boy on our hands.He comes by this very honest. These pictures are posted on FB. 

We took Scotty to the Sweet Tooth Shoppe in Fulshear with some of his buddies over Valentines.  He had fun sharing a smoothie with mommy, and running around outside. (pictures to come) The following day we took him to Sesame Street Live at Reliant to see Elmo. Scotty did well for a 15 month old! 

 Hope to blog more once I am feeling better! 


The Zuehlke's
This little thing already had a HB of 125. Amazing! I am not even
6 weeks here.
Scotty hiding in the kitchen cabinet!
Scotty talking about his cousin Jackson
Daddy and Scotty at Sesame Street Live

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