Sunday, July 17, 2011

33 Monday

Well, I turn another year old on Monday. 33 to be exact. We did some celebrating over the weekend since my birthday, is on a Monday. The beginning of the weekly whirlwind. Over the weekend, while I changed  tons of diapers, my little one has had a case of well, the big "D" which has left behind the WORST diaper rash, with lot's of crying and in need of mommy,  I began to think about how my birthday celebration has really changed over the past few years.          
Instead of 4 inch heels and a LBD, I am in flip flops, blue jean cut offs (4 sizes too big),  and a maternity top. While Bacardi and diet coke sounds wonderful, it's just diet coke. Instead of having a big party, this year dinner with loved ones is absolute. Don't get me wrong, my days of fun are NOT over. Personally, I think they are just beginning! Holding my little one while I blew out my birthday candles, surrounded by my family, was well priceless.  I can't wait to see what the coming birthday's will hold. Bring them on....just not too fast!

Love my Cake! Chocolate with Buttercream! YUM!

I honestly did not have enough air to blow out my candles! Babies fault. :)

Scotty sneaking some icing!

Scotty and Dad.

The Zuehlke's 

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