Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hello 6 Months

Hadley is officially 6 months! I can't believe she has already been with us this long! Time does fly by when you are busy.... and of course having fun! Oh, how I love my Hadley girl. She is such a little joy to be around. She is mostly all smiles!

@ 6 MONTHS: 

-Sleeps all night long. Babble session every morning at 5:30AM. All that talking wears a girl out, so she usually falls back asleep until 7.

- I have the Beaba baby food steamer/processor so I have been making all of Hadley's baby food.  My little girl is the only one that doesn't complain about, "What's for dinner?" So far, nothing but compliments! 

-Hadley is now turning over, and moving all about in her bed. Her favorite sleep position is on her left side, with her binky and pink giraffe. I love to watch her sleep.  Angelic. 

-Hadley is grabbing EVERYTHING! If you sit her in your lap during meal time, she will pull your food onto the floor. I forgot about this stage. I love it! 

-She loves her bouncy! Instead of the dancing queen,   we have the bouncing queen! 

-She just graduated to the sitting position in the BOB. She loves getting to see everything big brother sees!

-She looks just like her dad and she has the most beautiful eyelashes. Mommy will always be jealous!

-If Hadley ever has a crying fit, the poor girl gets all blotchy. Poor baby!

-At our 6 month check up her stats look like this: 27 1/2 inches long (83%),  18# 13 1/4 ounces (86%)
Healthy girl!

We love her so much! We are so blessed. 


The Zuehlke's

We love you!

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