Friday, March 2, 2012

Long Week, Fun Weekend

Last week was a long and tiring one. Scott was away on business  ALL week which left me completely drained. With the addition of another baby to our family it seems as  someone is always hungry, someone is always crying (sometimes this includes me),  someone is always definitely NOT sleeping, and someone is in need of a diaper change. The list goes on. It really never ends. We did however end the long week with a welcome visit from some good friends from De Leon along with their almost 2 year old twins. Scotty was in heaven having constant playmates for the entire weekend. We mostly spent time taking care of kids, BUT we did get to visit, have some drinks, laughs,  and managed to sneak in a quick but fun visit to the Zoo! Scotty was so incredibly adorable pointing and yelling out the names of all the animals. Lots of fun!

Carrie being silly as usual. She's so fun!

The Morris Family!

Precious Twins!


The Zuehlkes

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