Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On June 1st, Scotty had his Adenoids and Tonsils removed. After months of being sick,  a trial run on Nasonex, and a very frustrated mommy, we had no other choice. I really wanted Scotty to feel better! No more coughing and getting sick which is what was happening several times a week. Scotty was such a brave little boy. He went in his dinosaur PJ's and of course Brownie and Softy were along for the ride. Daddy came along too. When it was time for his surgery he walked back, holding the nurses hands, and carrying his friends. He didn't look back once, but I sure did praying that he was out soon and safe and before I knew it....he was. They said when he woke up they would come and get us. We were practically running back to the recovery room once they did. I didn't want him to wake up alone in pain and scared.  When we walked in, a nurse was holding him and he was crying. Once I got my arms around him I felt a sense of relief!  He slept a bit and then I was able to bring him home to recover. He is feeling better day by day. Thank you God! I am grateful for your blessing of happy healthy children. Now how in the world am I gonna break this ice cream addiction?!


The Zuehlke's 


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