Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Scotty Turns 3!

Well, another year has passed! Scotty is now 3! Where does the time go...seriously?! SLOOO-DOWN!  We had Scotty's party at Westwood gymnastics this year per request of Scotty with a baseball theme. "Mommy, I want to jump in the blocks!"  "Mommy, who is coming to my party?" "Will Dean be there?" "Will Emmy be there?" "Who else?" I have never seen Scotty so fired up! All of his friends and ours  came to celebrate and be a part of his very special day. He had a wonderful time jumping, CLIMBING,  and playing rough just as boys LOVE to do. My sweet boy can be a little shy and as everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Scotty, he ducked his head with a smile and covered his face. Slightly embarrassed and shy that everyone was signing to him. Probably my favorite moment of his party. Happy birthday sweet boy! We love you lots and can't wait to watch you eat more birthday cake (icing) for many years to come!!!!


The Zuehlkes

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