Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Past 9 Months.

2012-2013 has been a really busy, stressful, fun, exciting, confusing I-could-go-on type of year, but I am thankful for it! We sold our first home together, built and designed every little detail in a new one, lived in a 1200 sq. foot town home for 6 months, moved twice, and had two little kids who we love dearly and are so thankful to be back into a routine!

I must start with my Hadley girl. This year has flown by! I just thought to myself the other day that I am about to have to plan her birthday party. What was more crazy than thinking about her birthday party? Buying her a lunch box and a nap mat for SCHOOL! Yes, Hadley will be headed to ECDC in the fall with her brother! While I am excited for her and my time during the day...I just can't believe she is already headed off to school. So, since I haven't posted a lot about my sweet girl over the year because of the extreme amount of time building a home takes, I am going to just post about her today. 

-Weighs: about #30 and she is taller than most 2 year olds and wears size 7 shoes!!! 
-Wears size 5 diapers
-Can take her shoes off with minimal help.
-Trying to take her clothes off and on by herself 
-Obsession with SHOES. Can't say that I blame her! Hadley can walk all the way across the house in high heels! I really don't know how she does this, but I find it impressive for a 1 year old.
-Since I started my Stella and Dot jewelry business she is equally obsessed with jewelry, well who wouldn't be it's Stella and Dot!??! 
-Is doing well with silverware and is not throwing food on the floor anymore! Finally! 
-Is the pickiest eater EVER! IF she doesn't know what it is, she won't even try it. I mean COME ON!!!  Her menu includes the following: Chicken tenders on occasion, beans, rice, chips with green sauce, mac and cheese, guacamole,  french fries, milk, juice, squeezable fruit, cuties (which aren't in season right now ugh!), Hummus, spaghetti with meat sauce, mashed potatoes. This is about all! So frustrating! 
-Hadley has lots of words, and also sentences which include the most important ones like "I don't like it" or "I don't want it" or "I want some" or " I don't want some" or "Go Play Mommy" See how these are so incredibly important? She has a lot of words, but doesn't always use them because screaming is easier! Throwing and scratching also work well. We are working on this! 

Hadley is incredibly beautiful and sweet and often gives what we call "Hadley love"  which is when she puts her head by yours as if to hug and love on you. If you know Hadley well, you have received some Hadley love. She adores her brother and will do everything he does. Good and bad! They have a good little relationship that has developed just recently and it is adorable. 
She is MY girl and prefers me over everyone, but she is getting better about letting me leave her places and I am so thankful for that. She knows I will be back to get her really soon! She loves Daddy and he loves his little girl to pieces! She takes her Baby Bear and "My B" AKA Binkie EVERYWHERE! We love her and Scotty like crazy and we couldn't be more blessed! 

Hadley Girl!

My Best Boy

New Home!

The Zuehlke's 

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