Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pebble Beach

Wow, we just returned from Pebble Beach.  Scott flew out to San Francisco a few days earlier for work, and then I met him on Thursday to make our drive down to Pebble Beach. Finally, we got to take mini vacation as a couple! This was a “work” trip, although it seemed like ALL fun!
 Pebble Beach…AMAZING! The views we had from our hotel were golf greens, forest, rolling hills, or ocean.  Scott played several rounds of Golf; I spent two days at the Spa and an afternoon in Carmel shopping. I drove up the coastline and also 17- mile drive.  Every evening we would all gather by huge fire pits outside of our hotel. As the sun would set over the ocean, the bagpipes would play Amazing Grace. Then we would sit down to a nice dinner and great conversation. It was nice to spend time away, but I really missed my little boy! I know Scott did too. When we got home Scotty spent a lot of time hugging his daddy, because he hadn’t seen him in almost a week. We are so glad to be home.
Thanks to everyone who took such good care of him while we were away.

Scotty’s recent accomplishments:
He can feed himself with a spoon.
He is running, not just walking.
He can understand us more then I ever thought.
He is opening doors; help us we need more baby proofing!
He will try to say anything we ask him too. Some words he is saying now are the following:
Nana, MaMa, Da Da, Baba (poppa), Banana (very close), No No, Juice, This, Nite Nite, Dog, Oops, Hi, Bye Bye, (I could go on and on...he is a little talker!) 

He signs: I love you, down, all done, milk, change and he points to what he wants for communication. He also waves hi and bye, and hold palms up when you ask a question such as “where is…”

He is growing so fast! 14 months! 


The Zuehlke’s
Behind our Hotel.... Spanish Bay Inn
One evening in the Hotel Lounge
My dessert! Yum!

Fire Pits at Hotel

The fireplace in our room! Wish I had one at home!
Seal Rock, the dark area's in the middle are all Seals

Squirrels on the Beach?! I had to take this picture because I couldn't help
but think how much Scotty would have loved this little guy!


Scott getting his golf shoes cleaned after playing Pebble

The bagpipe being played. Look closely she blends in with the tree's!

The 18th hole at Pebble

18th hole at Pebble. Love the tree!

The guys with The Lodge in the back

18th hole at Pebble

Scott finishing up on the 18th hole at Pebble
Getting into trouble as usual

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