Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NYE 2010

NYE has a whole different meaning for anyone who has little ones. It means no more big parties, lucky to get a babysitter, you might or might not make midnight awake because your so zonked from that one glass of wine you had to calm your nerves coupled with the fact you are already exhausted from the day to day, and then midnight hits and you lay in bed praying and checking your monitor and praying again to make sure your baby stays asleep through all the fireworks! Fireworks are truly much louder when you have a baby!? I had one friend say she was pacing the floors…and another said, well I won’t make midnight. It’s so true, you are not alone! We are happy to report that Scotty did not wake up!

 This NYE we were lucky to get GP (Grandpa) to keep Scotty and we enjoyed a fabulous dinner out at Fleming’s.  Yes honey I know it was a bit painful for you, even with gift cards, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! So thank you truly. You’re lucky you got some chocolate soufflĂ©!  I know Scotty had a great time too because when we arrived to get him, he was sitting on the kitchen counter with GP getting spooned Blue Bell.  What a cute picture this would have been, but I failed to have a camera! (finally got a DSLR!) If only I could attach one to my hip.  GP said "he loves it", and spoiling is what GP’s do!

We hope you and your family have a blessed 2011!


The Zuehlke’s 

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