Friday, November 11, 2011

Scotty Turns 2

Scotty turned 2 this year on 11-02-2011. According to an article that I read this is a really cool birthday because it is a palindrome date. Basically you can read it backwards, and well it's the same! While this is super cool, it in no way compares to how cool it is to have Scotty as my son. I love and adore him beyond words!

At 2 Scotty....
-Weighs about 29 pounds
-Stands at around 36 inches tall
-Mexican food and potatoes are favorite foods. He also enjoys eating where the "cow" lives AKA Chic-Fil-A. 
-Brownie the dog and softy sleep with us every night and come down every morning for milk
-Favorite saying right now is "Uh-Oh Spagehetti-O" (I hear this a lot these days....feel like he has a repeat button stuck on "ON" somewhere!)
-In love with playing outside, lawnmowers, weed eaters, blowers, Home Depot, ice cream, school, mom, dad (in no specific order) 
-Can undress down to his shirt all by himself
-Starting to use sentences like "Big truck out there." 

We go to Monkey Joe's, a local bounce house that Scotty really loves, SO we only felt it necessary to bring a little bit of Monkey Joe's with family and friends to our backyard for his 2nd birthday BASH! Lot's of family and friends came to celebrate! We had such a fun time and Scotty got some really cool gifts including a guitar, tractor, cars that have lights and make noise, books, movies, stickers, planes, clothes etc! Here are some pictures from the day. 

Circus/Carnival Theme Cake. Scotty did the artwork on the table.
Popcorn Balls and Cake

Animal Crackers

Mimi and Scotty

Cousin Jackson=Clown!

Scotty trying not to laugh at his daddy

Aunt Stacy and Mimi

Kristen and Izzy

Karli and Miss Blue Eyes Remy

Cousin Ryan and Dad

Grayson and Dad

Bounce House Fun

Anita and Our Precious H Girl

Scotty Loves Him a Bouncy House 

Mam-Maw with Hadley 

Counsin Jen, Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Perry

Happy Birthday Time!

Signing Happy Birthday to Scotty. LOVED WATCHING HIS FACE
Blowing out the Candles!

My SILLY boy!
Love you Scotty!
Planes! Planes! 

Happy Birthday Scotty!


The Zuehlke's

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