Monday, November 21, 2011

A Birthday and A Baptism

We had a really busy weekend! My dad's birthday was November the 13th. He was out of town in STL hunting with friends,  so we had to celebrate a bit late! My dad turned the big 70 this year! I think he looks great! We celebrated at our home with dinner, apple pie, ice cream, and of course presents! I love you dad. Hands down, you are just the VERY best dad any girl could have...Happy Birthday and Many More!

We had Hadley Baptized this past Sunday and we also made the decision to join our church. What a BIG day for our family!! Everyone was there!  I have to admit that just about everything that went wrong that day could have....We got to the church on time. Things were going fine. We met with the pastor, practiced, and we were to come up after the solo. I am following along in the program and the next thing I remember is practically running out of the church, Scott tailing me, Scotty, well we assume my parents had him, and the solo starting. Yes, we had a blowout! Not a tire, a diaper B-L-O-W-O-U-T! Oh, no Scott wipes. This is getting fun! So I run into the nursery, practically break down the door and help myself to the changer to assess the situation. Luckily the nursery ladies were so sweet and understanding! The situation was.... Poo all over the special blanket that all the kids have gotten Baptized in, poo on her back, poo all over me, poo on her bloomers...well you get it. Luckily her dress had a very small amount and so this was in our favor at least! I wiped her all up, ran into the church and we were on!  As she started to lose her cool, we had Aunt Stacy bring up a Binky. She was silent. As the pastor took Hadley,  I think my shirt came up a bit. Dear Lord, really not something I wanted the church congregation to postpartum belly with about 15 more pounds to lose! No thanks. I am afraid to watch the video to relive of all of this. We probably looked incredibly ridiculous! Let me add, I forgot to wipe the poo off of me as I look down later and see it all over my black skirt! We finally head out to lunch...and well there was a hot cloud of smoke looming through the restaurant as the manager tells me his vent is having problems. Of course it is! To top off the evening Scotty got his first stomach bug or so we thought. I actually think he ate too much french fries at lunch! Momma told me there would be days like these! 

Through all of this I remember during the baptism Pastor Don talking about how Hadley was planned and named by God. That he knew her before she was born. Thank you Lord for entrusting her to me, I love her greatly. I am truly blessed and well looking back on the imperfect day, these things are truly so small. 

Hadley wore a dress smocked by my Aunt Cathy.
She was adorable in it. 

Hadley getting baptized

Our Family

Me and my girl

The pictures below are Scotty's baptism day. I just had to add them. 

Scotty got to use the special blanket

Scotty was 2 Months old. The same as Hadley.


The Zuehlke's

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