Monday, December 3, 2012

A New Jacket

Dear Hadley.

We love you so! You are walking everywhere! Doing so good. You still don't have any shoes, but don't worry mommy has that covered. I am just waiting on the Mailman now! I bought you some black Patton shoes, glitter toms, and Ugg type boots in both brown and black. 

I wanted to tell you a funny story. Well, maybe not so funny to your dad, but you should know it. Tonight your dad came home from work bragging about this new special black jacket from Halcon he had received today. As I was in your brothers room (we were in the small town home) I hear your dad from the next room say..."What happened here!" "Oh gosh that's so gross!" Hadley, you threw up all over your dad's brand new jacket! I couldn't help but laugh and I felt bad that I did, but it truly was funny. Your dad responded with a "It's not funny" and "I guess you will have to wash it now, but don't dry it" comment. Don't worry he still adores you even if you puked all over his brand new jacket. 


The Zuehlke's

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