Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bella's Baby

We are keeping my parent’s dog, Bella, while they are in Hawaii.  We named her Bella after Blue Bell ice cream the most fabulous ice cream on earth!  That may sound silly, a dog being named after ice cream, but she was born in Brenham, TX where Blue Bell was born and thus it was the perfect name! Anyway, Bella is around Scotty a lot because Scotty stays at my parents 3 days a week while I work. The thing is I am quite certain that Bella thinks Scotty is HERS. She licks him, shares her toys, and lets him pull her hair. I do all these things too, minus the licking of course! She is the first one up to Scotty's room in the morning, and she jumps up on the crib where Scotty sticks his precious little hands through to touch her. Scotty laughs and Bella wags her tail.  Bella also guards his door and is the first one to let everyone know if he is awake from his nap or if he is crying. She will come to me and look at me like, "excuse me lady, go get my baby NOW!" Then it is back upstairs to check on him again. The other night we didn't know where Bella was and I walked up to Scotty's room and there she was sound asleep donut style in Scotty's rocking chair right by the crib. Too bad I couldn't think fast enough to get a picture of this, so you will just have to believe me.  I guess what really gets me is Dre' and Flip, who are on "The Z Team", don't act this way. They love Scotty, but don't show the concern that Bella does. I am also convinced this is because Dre' and Flip are boys, dudes, and Bella is a female, lady. She has a maternal instinct, something the boys just don't have. Below is a picture of Bella. She is a sweet girl and we all don't mind having another "Mom" in the house.


The Zuehlke's

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