Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Little Reminders

For the past few weeks it seems that everything is reminding me of how fast Scotty is growing. Yes, our little boy’s 1st birthday is approaching way too fast! It is November 2nd to be correct.  Everyday I am reminded of this. Last week I ordered his party invitations, this weekend we bought his “big boy” car seat (as he had officially met the infant carrier limit for height), this week the pool fence is being installed along with the stair gates because he will be walking soon! Alongside all of this, we had our first burst of cool air this week! Yea!! Scotty and I are tired of running in the heat! Yet, this is another reminder of how the weather was the day I brought Scotty home from the hospital. Having Scotty has really been a reminder of how precious time is and how fast it passes. Everyday we are so thankful for Scotty and our family, which we also got to spend some time with this weekend. We are so blessed! This all may sound very cliché, but it is so very true!
Scotty’s Favorite Word: Momma Momma Momma Momma Momma Momma Momma
Scotty’s Favorite Food: Beans
Scotty does not like… Baby Food…can you blame him?!
Scotty has: 6 teeth coming in for a total of 8 teeth (he is biting everything and everyone…this includes Mom, Dad, and Dre’) (Flip is too smart to get bit)


The Zuehlke’s
(Our Nephew Jackson and Scotty)

(Papa and Scotty)

(Momma Momma Momma....HELP!)

( this mine?!) 

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