Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend on Lake Travis

My boys and I took a road trip to Austin, TX to celebrate the long Labor Day weekend with some dear friends. We had the entire weekend planned which included cruising Lake Travis on a rented boat. We had dinner at the Iron Cactus on Friday night. We sat outside and sipped coconut margaritas and Scotty of course had refried beans along with milk, chicken, queso and anything else he could get his little hands on. As a result, the poor guy had gas all night. I can’t say anyone got any sleep.  Saturday we headed for the boat. What a lovely day! Dad suggested we take the pack n play on the boat for Scotty since we had rented the boat for 4 hours! Good call dad! I must say this is the best one yet. I am sure there will be many more! Anyway, the minute we got on the boat Scotty laid down in his pack n play and went straight to sleep for about 45 minutes. Not sure what we were thinking taking our 10 month out on a boat for 4 hours…2 ok, 3 was pushing it and that’s when I had to pull a mommy move, give dad the “I have had enough look” and get us off the boat. Scotty was so tired he slept through the stroller ride back to the car, the difficult removal of his life jacket, and into his car seat. My poor baby! He was exhausted. In the end we had a wonderful time and Scotty is getting caught up on his sleep back at home.


The Zuehlke's

(On the boat)

(Assisting Dad)

(My Sweet Family...check out Scotty trying to eat my sandwich)

(My exhausted little boy)

(John, Kelly, and Preston)

(Breakfast Sunday morning sporting Dad's hat)

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  1. Love the picture of the three of you and Scotty is trying to eat the sandwich in your hand! HAHAHHA! TOO CUTE!