Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Few Things...

This past weekend we went to Scotty’s friend Dean’s birthday party. He turned the big 1! His mother Sarah did a spectacular job preparing the party. It was a fiesta! The Margarita cupcakes were adorable with green icing, a lime jelly wedge, and straw! So creative! Which reminds me I have to get Scotty’s invitations ordered soon! I can't believe he will be 1 in November. Time flies! 

We also took Scotty shopping on Sunday for some new gear. He is growing so fast. When it finally cools off he has some new outfits to wear. I just love shopping for Scotty! It's definitely more fun then shopping for myself  or anyone else for that matter. Everything is little and cute, in-expensive, and Scotty doesn't care what I dress him in! I know this won't last. 

Scotty’s grandparents finally returned from Hawaii so he spent the day there while I was at work. When I came to pick him up he was standing in the front window waiting for me. Of course my dad staged the whole thing, but adorable no matter what!

Since Scotty is getting so big he is always learning new things. Everything is just so interesting and amazing!  It's hard to catch things on video because they happen so fast, but below is his newest "trick". BTW…”mom-ma” and  "dada" from Scotty's mouth warms our hearts daily. 


The Zuehlke’s


  1. Love your blog! So cute! I can't wait to catch up with yall!

  2. Very cute! Grayson would say get that "waf" Scotty!