Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Break

Zoo Time

We took Scotty on his first trip to the Houston Zoo 12/23.  It was so fun for us to watch Scotty witness the many great creatures that God created so up close and personal for the very first time. One of our first stops included an otter that swam continuous routine circles for Scotty and me. Every time he swam by, Scotty would smile the most contagious smile that I couldn’t help but smile too.  We also made a stop in the children’s petting zoo. Scotty was very gentle with the Billy Goats and wasn’t afraid to touch them. I think this went better then my first time in a petting zoo with Billy Goats because my mom mentioned that they tried to eat my clothes! This thankfully did not happen to us. Scotty is also very interested in birds. He enjoyed the city birds just as much as anything. You know, city birds are those birds that invade your space because they are used to so many people. (Not my fav) Yea, those birds made Scotty’s day… “Bird ma-ma”, what about the elephant Scotty?! Scotty also managed to throw his sippy cup into the fence at the monkey exhibit. Great job mom! Next time I will remember not to let Scotty have his sippy cup while we stand near the exhibits. Luckily daddy was able to retrieve it! We wrapped things up after this because Scotty was really tired. We can’t wait for the next trip!

Checking out the Fish

3 Longhorns, 1 future Longhorn if it's up to Da-da!

Oh, so that's why mom calls me a monkey?!

Giraffe Time

Scotty at the children's petting zoo

Checking out the animals

What's a day without a little climbing involved?!

Christmas 2010

We spent time with a lot of family and friends over the Christmas week.

We spent Christmas Eve at The Hick’s. We exchanged gifts and also had our traditional White Elephant exchange. We also attended church at St. Peter’s that evening for a
 Candlelight service. We took Scotty to the nursery where we found him with some new extra large sweat pants on upon our return. I guess he had a little accident! Christmas morning we spent as a family playing with the cool new kitchen that Santa had left for Scotty. If you would have asked my husband 2 years ago if it would be ok for his little boy to be playing with a kitchen, he would have said “What?!” “I don’t think so”. However, once you have children you soon realize whatever works, whatever keeps them busy in a positive way so you can actually sit down for just 2 minutes to rest,  then it’s all ok.  This is the toy that allows that for us. Scotty loves that kitchen and we love it even more I assure you!  We spent lunch with Grandpa and my family, and ended that part of the day with smores by the fire. We spent the afternoon at our house opening presents. What a wonderful Christmas. We hope yours was just as wonderful! Oh, I forgot my camera at our first Christmas round so I hope to add some more soon from Gary! Hint hint if you are reading this. 


The Zuehlke's

Christmas came a little early with Scotty's 1st pair of Nike's
Little Ryan and Scotty
Ryan, Jen, Wes and Stacy
Rare picture of just Me and my big Scott

Mimi and the boys
Grandpa Gary and the boys 
The Hostesses Perry and Carolyn
Cousin Scooter and fiance' Alissa...Mam-Maw in the background
Milk and Cookies for Santa
From Santa
Dre' and Flip getting their Christmas Presents too
Christmas Morning

Grandpa and Flip a do!

Scotty and Cousin Jackson being silly

Let's go Grocery Shopping! Da-Da is buying!
Dre'  in trouble again!
Grandpa and the boys.
Cold Christmas Day
Playing with his new kitchen
Mom with her photo album and Silhouette of Scotty
Papa and Scotty...oh and Bella (Dog mom)

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