Friday, April 22, 2011

It's a Girl!

Yesterday we found out that Baby Z # 2 is in fact a little GIRL! We are so very excited and feel very blessed!

 I have thought that this might be a girl for several reasons. To begin with,  this pregnancy has been VERY DIFFERENT.  With Scotty I had extreme "morning" (24 hour) sickness,  acne, high heartbeats at ultra sounds ( 8 week visit was around 165). Of course while I was waiting to find out what Scotty was I tuned into all the old wives tales, and the Chinese calendar's (for entertainment purposes only!) which all fit into the girl category.  The only "boy" wives tales he fit was that I carried low, and red meat and spicy foods were my best friends. Chicken made me gag, jalapenos were a staple topping on most foods.   I also always referred to him as a "he." 

With this baby, jalapenos give me heartburn, red meat makes me want to gag, and Mexican food is the last place I care to eat. I was  sick with this baby in the evenings starting at 4:00 on the dot everyday for about 3 months which was awful, but better then ALL DAY! Heartbeats were lower then Scotty's... 125 at 6 weeks, 153 at 14 weeks, and 143 at 18 weeks. Oh, this baby was always referred to as a "she". So, I thought there was a good chance!!! 

One morning  after praying about my wish along with many other things I was eating lunch and through a busy crowd of people this little girl with blond hair walked right by me, looked at me, and gave me the biggest smile. I knew God had heard my prayer that morning. Faith is what he teaches me often. 

18 weeks! 

She was laying on her belly. 


The Zuehlke's  

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