Thursday, April 7, 2011

Catching up....

Going to do some quick catching up…Gotta get on this more regularly so these aren't so long!

We recently celebrated Ryan’s 1 year Sesame Street birthday party complete with Elmo and Big Bird Balloons, Oscar the Grouch serving goodies out of a mini trashcan, and adorable character cupcakes! We all had a good time! Scotty let everyone hold him and he played really independently. I actually got to eat my meal first! We love spending time with all sides of our family!

Knuckle sandwich mom?!

Let me show you where your nose is....just in case you didn't know!
This past weekend I traveled to Austin to host a shower for my dear cousin and beautiful bride Meg. Soon to be Megan Moss. Perfect name, movie star-ish?! We had a nice time visiting and it was fun to meet all of her friends/ bridesmaids. I am also a bridesmaid and will be 6 months pregnant on wedding day. We ordered my dress already with extra fabric and length. I know one thing, it will be VERY interesting!  We had brunch Saturday morning complete with Mimosa’s. Don’t worry, I didn’t have any. I settled for punch which I thought was fantastic!  Meg got a lot of china and a few other kitchen items. We made sure to throw in some grilling tools for the groom. When Scott and I were getting married he was always annoyed with all the china gifts, even though I loved them! 

Here are some pictures of the shower!


The NCAA final four was in Houston this year, and being that Kentucky was there was super special and fun.   My dad coached one of Kentucky’s players, Josh Harrellson, in high school. He has been following the team and attending games to support Josh for the past few years. He texts Josh before and after every single game.   This year on Senior night in Lexington, Josh asked my dad to walk with him onto the floor. Even though my dad resisted, his family insisted.  That meant the world to my dad. My dad eats, lives, & breaths basketball. He always has for as long as I can remember! There was always basketball on in our home growing up. Believe me when I say,  I don’t know anyone as passionate about something as my dad is about basketball!  In 2007, my dad was inducted into the Missouri Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame and most recently in March of 2011, into the St. Charles County Amateur Sports Hall of Fame and was honored in this year’s Outstanding Achievement Award. My dad is not just a coach, he is a GREAT coach, father, and my mom will tell you husband.  My mom is  GREAT to put up with all this BASKETBALL!!!!!
Headed to the Final Four

My dad did several interviews for sports writers over the past week regarding Josh. Fortunately, a friend got my dad tickets to the finals, and he was able to attend Saturday night’s games as well. We went as a family to the finals. It was too bad Kentucky wasn't there. 

Interview Links:


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