Thursday, April 28, 2011


We did so much for Easter I don't want to bore anyone with all the details so here it goes all summed up! (3 egg hunts, 2 family dinners, 1 family brunch, dad in the hospital with a kidney stone, church, sick dog after eating chocolate!) Whew, all that really wore us out! By the 3rd egg hunt, Scotty really seemed to be a pro. He had trouble opening the plastic eggs, so he would put them in his mouth to crack the egg open and stuff the chocolate in his as possible before mom said no! Smart kid! 

On another note, I have been starting to feel a lot more movement this week from our little girl. This is the only, and I mean the only part of pregnancy I enjoy. We have decided on the name Hadley Christine Zuehlke. 
Almost halfway!!! That reminds me...I have A LOT to do!!! Yikes!

Scotty's Easter Basket
All the goodies!
1st Egg Hunt at Willow Fork County Club
Willow Fork Hunt

This one is so funny 
Petting Zoo
Sweet Cousins
Easter Egg Hunt Baba Z's
Scotty Hiding :) 

Baba Z and the boys 

Mam-maw finishing her Vino

My Scott's, notice how they are standing?! Too cute !
Brunch with Mimi and Baba Gary

Brunch..only picture of mom

Scotty's being himself...goofy!
Worn out!
Dre' extra tired. Fell asleep playing with Scotty's Ball


The Zuehlke's
PS...Sorry we didn't get any pictures with the Wacker's, but they celebrated with us too!

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