Thursday, April 14, 2011


This past week we signed up for The Little Gym and Swim Classes. We already attended a class at LG this past week, and we start swim lessons in early May.
We did LG when Scotty was about 6-9 months and he loved it! The dynamics have changed a bit from the quiet little class of babies, to a room full of toddlers all under the age of two trying to follow directions. One word….WILD!

Scotty and his buddy Dean at Little Gym
We have also become avid rabbit hunters at the Zuehlke’s. We have a lot of rabbits running around in our neighborhood and every evening we go outside to hunt rabbits. Dre’ sniffs them out and Scotty calls for them “rabbi” “rabbi”? Then usually one will shoot out of the bushes and everyone follows. It’s fun for us, not so much for the poor rabbits!

Quick Video: Scotty Calling the rabbits in the beginning. 

We had a few firsts this week:
1.     Nature Hunt! We collected a few things and we also saw a “rabbi” and” DUCK DUCK DUCK! We couldn't bring those home for pictures...

First Nature Hunt Collection
2.     I doctored my first skinned knee as a mom!  That's what happens when you run down the driveway at full speed! Neosporin and Lightning McQueen band-aid! All better! We taught Scotty “boo-boo” and he is very proud to show it off! I guess I am doing good for this to be our first real boo-boo at 17 months! Many more to follow! 

Scotty's First "Boo-Boo"
Check it out Dad!


The Zuehlke’s

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