Thursday, August 18, 2011

In Honor of Hadley...

Baby Shower... I would say this was more of a party to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our little girl Hadley, which is scheduled for September 14, 2011! We CAN'T wait! This was our first party for Hadley, one of many I pray in the future.  Birthday parties, slumber parties, JUST BECAUSE parties, graduation parties, engagement parties, wedding parties (dad dreads this already)  etc.  Some seem so far in the future, yet time has a way of flying by so fast.  I hope to take advantage of every moment. We will soon be 4 + 2 dogs=6!

We had a great amount of support from our family and friends and we were so thankful that many of them were able to come to the party.  It really meant a lot to us. On another note, I must say thank you to the hostesses who coordinated and did all the work that goes into putting on a party. It was absolutely beautiful!  

Scotty...he was quite the little social butterfly at the party. I hardly saw him he was so busy entertaining everyone! 

Camera...well it had some memory card issues. All fixed now, but we didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked. There are a lot of people that were there that didn't get into any pictures, including myself! Such a bummer!

Lot's of fresh pink, white and yellow flowers to match Hadley's color scheme.

Cupcakes! Yum!
Love the Cup Cake Toppers!
Door Sign

Love the Chandelier. Hadley has one above her bed too. 
Martin and Chris 

My Husband and J-Fo. One of the Hostesses. 

The William's and McGee's

Jason and Laura 
Travis and Jennifer
My Father-in-Law cooking up dinner! And Jared Bartending! My cousin's new Hubby!
The Bean's

Art and Anita
Group Shot
Hadley's Loot!

Hairbows and Headbands


The Zuehlke's

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