Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ATX and Scotty News

We took a little mini vacay a few weeks ago with some good friends, The Feigleson’s, to their family lake house in ATX. We were recenlty introduced to The Cresap’s who also live in our neighborhood and they joined us as well. We all had such a great time together mainly boating, eating, floating, movie watching and laughing. It was nice to have a break from parenthood! Scotty stayed with family. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Me, Sarah, and Deanna

The Prego's ( 32 Weeks Here)

Wake boarding!

Baba Gary, Scotty, and Cousin Jackson

So funny! Look at Scotty's face...Jackson is giving some love. So sweet!
Scotty News!

-We have a big boy potty!

We were showing a lot of interest in the potty and telling me when we needed to potty, so I thought why not!? We are not full on potty training. I am in no shape for that right now, but we are just talking about our potty and using it when we feel the need to. We also have a book by my favorite author, Karen Katz, called “A Potty for Me” . If you haven’t heard of Karen, she does a lot of flip books and Scotty simply loves them. She has all sorts of teaching books.


We are tadpole status at swim class which means I am no longer in the water . He has the sweetest teacher and she is very patient with him. He has done some crying during class, but mother’s have assured me this was normal and that he would get better. He still does everything his teacher asks, but not without some tears. It’s hard for mom to watch, but it’s necessary he learns to swim.


The Zuehlke’s

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