Friday, August 5, 2011

Don't Do That Again!

This week my little boy tested my mommy skills. I am so glad that I passed this one with flying colors.

 During the chaotic sherade of cooking dinner and trying to keep a toddler from (the only word that comes to my mind is destruction) Moms of toddlers, you know what I am talking about! If you don't have a toddler yet, be prepared. It's coming! Anyway, as I cook dinner watching Scotty he begs for a vitamin. I explain, being a good mom and dietitian, that he doesn't need any more vitamins today. "Only one". After continuing to beg, I finally gave in knowing one extra one today wouldn't hurt. While my casserole cooked, Scotty and I took a bath etc. During this time he discovered dad's pill box. I explained this was daddy's pills vitamins etc. Wrong choice of words. I put them WAY back in the drawer and we left the room. After sometime, I had totally forgot about vitamins and pills.  I take the food out to put the cheese on and pop it back in the oven. Just about 20 seconds or so. I don't see Scotty so I go to find him. As I round the corner into the bathroom, I see the pill box open, in hand, and  I can tell he has one in his mouth. I guess he had NOT forgotten about the vitamins/pills!  Just like any good toddler would do,  the minute he sees me rounding the corner he swallows! I went into mommy mode! I gagged him and fortunately he threw up several times. 

He was crying, I was crying. I was in hysterics. I know what you are thinking. Why were the pills there to begin with? We keep all the pills locked up, but as your baby gets older sometimes you just don't realize what they are capable of doing or reaching and how quick things like this can happen. This reaching into drawers is a new one for us. I guess we will be getting drawer locks now!

 I wish  I could reason with a toddler. It doesn't work. I have tried numerous times.  If he would only understand that when mommy says "no" it's for a very good reason. I will always try and protect Scotty, no matter what age, but I guess sometimes they have to learn for themselves. Whew!


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