Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quick Update

Ok, so WAY behind on blogging, but I need to do a quick update! I am just so tired at this point and there is SO much going on! 

-We had an U/S for Hadley today! We all went! She is looking GREAT and it looks like we have another big baby on our hands! She was weighing around 7.1 pounds, measuring 37+ weeks, and a head circumference measuring around 39+ weeks! With the head measurement , I am pretty happy about having another C-section! These measurements are pretty normal for my babies I am finding out, as these sound almost identical to Scotty's! 
-We finished up Little Gym for the summer and dad got to attend a class too! 
-Scotty is starting to say his name very well, and taking ownership for things...."Who's shirt is this?" "Scotty's"
-We attended a birthday party for a sweet little girl, where Scotty met his first CLOWN named Curly! Scotty was mesmerized! I thought for sure there would be tears, but nope! He loved the clown! He is still talking about him after a week!

-Scotty will also start Mother's Day out in September two days a week. I hope he just loves it! I have his nap mat and lunch box ready to go! Now, I am just trying to find something to put in his lunch box so he doesn't starve at school! Wish me luck! 
-We continue swim class at HSC. Scotty has been having a lot of separation anxiety and crying off and on throughout the class..."Momma's". The last two weeks he has shown improvement, with minimal tears. I am so glad! It's hard to watch your baby cry. 

-After almost two months, we finally finished the laundry/office remodel. I am in love with both of them! However, the study is amazing and both are so functional. Scott designed the entire thing! He did a great job! Thanks honey! Now, I can't wait to get both area's in order/decorated, but I think I need to finish Hadley's room 1st!!
-September the 7th is my last day at work for 12 weeks. Then, I get to return for 2 days a week! I am so grateful that my employer will work with me in this way. I love being able to work, but I also love being a mommy and wife. I hope that this will give me a good balance to do all three! 
The Zuehlke's 
I have been horrible at taking camera pics, so I-phone we go!
Last Day at Little Gym
Nap Mat
Curly the Clown and Scotty

Just a quick tease for Mom.  

Scotty got in Dad's hair gel this morning. He applied it all by himself! I got some too!

Not happy with this look!



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