Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Busy, Busy

Well, we have been very busy this past week! Last Thursday Scotty and I went to Roundtop to the Antiques Show. We went with Sarah and her adorable boy Dean. We were ecstatic! Actually, I was ecstatic….Scotty not so much. Once we got there we hit the Marburger Show first, which I must admit was beautiful! There were so many amazing found objects, lighting, mirrors, art, etc. By 1:00 the boys were tired, but the moms kept shopping. While the moms shopped, the boys secretly plotted a plan for escape! First, Scotty had a melt down which including crying, standing in the stroller, and his famous back arch (which he knows I HATE). Once Scotty calmed down, it was Dean’s turn. They were also starting to get hot and sweaty. So, (the boys happy their plan succeeded) we decided to head home. What an exhausting day for everyone! I can’t wait to go back….no boys allowed next time!
On Friday we had a nice lunch with Miranda at Chili’s. Scotty was very good and we both enjoyed seeing her! Miranda was at the hospital the day Scotty was born and has helped out with Scotty at times we have really needed someone. We were so glad to see her and wish we could see her more often!

On Saturday, unfortunately Scott’s Uncle Bill passed away and so we made a trip to Marble Falls to attend the funeral. We left Scotty at home. I couldn’t see 8 hours in the car with an 11 month old very enjoyable for anyone! OU and Texas were playing that day so on the way home we did make a quick stop in Austin at Maudie’s for Mexican food and Longhorn Football. It was nice to spend time together.

Sunday we spent the evening at Grandpa’s for his birthday with family. I had turned to talk to Art, and the next thing I know Stacy and Scott are hitting Scotty’s back and Scott is scooping a huge chip out of his mouth. My little boy had choked! It happened so fast. After that, Scotty cried and cried “momma” “momma” “momma”. I held my little boy tight. It had really scared him! Sorry Scotty, but no more chips for now!

The Zuehlke’s

(My Favorite Boys)

(Scotty and Anita)

(Grandpa and Anita)

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