Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our Saturday

We had success at our garage sale, completed our errands and even took a rest on Saturday! After we all got up from our naps, we had a lovely evening as a family! We took Scotty up to Seven Lakes H.S. and we walked the track while dad took a jog. Then we headed to the park to swing and slide!  Not only did Scotty swing and slide, so did I. However, I don’t remember feeling nauseated when swinging as a child?! I leaned over to ask the lady on the next swing over if she felt the same way?! She said, “Oh yea, why do you think I am just sitting on the swing!”   Having a child is such a great excuse to act like a kid again! I love it, but it’s definitely different this time around!  Last minute, we decided to head up to the local pizza parlor for a pizza, salad, and some Pino! When we got home we sent Scotty to bed so we could watch a movie. I was SO excited! Scott was excited, who knows the last time we sat down together to watch a movie!!!  After flipping from A-Z of movie titles (not recognizing any of them because it’s been so long) we settled on TV…AGAIN!

Some of Scotty’s new accomplishments include, clapping for him self when he does something he thinks is super cool.  He is also holding his bottle (FINALLY!!)…he sometimes one hands it which as parents we find hilarious for some reason!! We have also been asking him, “What sound does the doggie make?” and he will bark like a dog! He will also bark like a dog if he hears Flip or Dre’ barking!  It’s amazing to watch him learn and make associations. We are still not fully walking. We are “cruising” along the furniture, and we can take a few steps by our self which usually ends in the most hilarious dramatic fall, but he continues to make progress!

His obsession with beans continues along with feeding himself….not a very good combination. See below. Bath time!


The Zuehlke's

I LOVE Beans!

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