Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wedding Weekend


My husband had the honor of being asked to be a groomsman this past weekend in a beautiful Catholic wedding for our friends Martin and Chris in Corpus Christi. We sent Scotty to his Nana and Papa’s so we could enjoy all the wedding festivities.
The weekend was filled with lots of laughs, sore body parts from dancing, wine, hangovers, sobbing, and more laughter. Scott, I don’t think was too sore considering he did LOTS of stretching in between dance moves. Yes, for those of you that know Scott, his signature move got a lot of action this weekend, followed with a classic “dance off” with Michael! Hysterical as always! The wedding day was a beautiful day, along with the ceremony, reception, and as always the bride! Thanks to Martin and Chris for allowing us to share in their very special day!

“Cab’s are Here!” -Pauly D


The Zuehlke’s
( Scott and I with, Mike, Leah, and Jason)

(Scott and I before the wedding)

(Mike and Leah)

(The beautiful Bride and "exceptional" Groom...They were so nice to stop and let me snap a picture!)

(So, I had to post the Grooms Cake! If you know Martin, you know this cake is very fitting!)

(The bride's Niece...Michael scooped her up for a dance! Love her!) 

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