Thursday, October 7, 2010


It’s finally October in Houston! One of my favorite months due to the beautiful weather! Since it’s been so nice, after work I have been able to go running with Scotty. He sits up and watches everything around him. We see people, little babies, big dogs, little dogs, birds, flowers, squirrels, ducks, etc…my little boy takes it all in. We also have many interesting discussions and Scotty practices his early pitching game with his binky and sippy cup. The goal/game is to throw the object out of the stroller. This is not a lot of fun for mom… rather annoying, but nevertheless it’s a part of the run.

After running by a pond with ducks on almost every occasion, I finally remembered to take some bread with us. I thought it would make the run more enjoyable. I would get a breather and Scotty could see the ducks up close. We picked the best day to feed the ducks! As we turned the corner, we saw a sweet little duck family. Wow, 10 baby ducklings! Can you imagine!? All of which let us feed them. While feeding the family, I noticed that the momma duck would not take food from her babies. She would only take the bread if I threw it right in front of her and no baby had even glanced in that direction. As my husband will tell you, my arm isn’t that good, so she didn’t get that much bread, but I tried to ensure that she got some food! After all, mom deserves to eat too! Sorry to report guys, but the dad was up at the front gobbling all of the food and stealing it from his babies! I laughed to myself and thought, you know this is just about right! Not too far off to what happens around my house! I posted a few pictures of the ducks and babies. They were much closer, but it was hard to feed the ducks, make sure Scotty's stroller wasn't going to plow into the water, and grab the phone to take the picture.


The Zuehlke

(You can see a few of the babies)

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