Sunday, December 12, 2010

Timeout and No No

Well, we at last have a timeout chair for Scotty. It's located in the corner in our dining room, a perfect boring place for a toddler. Scotty goes into his timeout frequently! You know that moment where you tell them NO and they smile at you and do it anyway? It's in that little moment where Scotty is trying to decide which direction to take...right or wrong? I was told that this is how you "train their conscience." Yes, something we have to have in order to do the right thing. I really hope this works as of course we always want him to try and make the right choices in life.  Well, yesterday after putting Scotty in his 2-minute timeout, after making the wrong choice, I went to get him. Before I get him, I always tell him why he is in timeout. So this time I pointed at him and said, "You are in a timeout because you threw your sippy cup into the toilet" "Please do not do that again" and it was in that moment that Scotty mocked me! Yes he pointed his finger at me, said some baby gibberish along with the word "No" and just smiled. I wanted to laugh so hard, but I couldn't let him know I thought it was funny and oh so cute. (I know funny and cute won't last long, but it was a "first").  Later that day he was sitting on his Poppa's lap and Dre' ate his cracker. Once he had another cracker in this hand, Dre' tried to steal the cracker again. Scotty immediately put his finger up and said "No" "No". Oh boy we are in trouble!


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