Thursday, December 2, 2010

Into Everything

We made it through our busy Thanksgiving. Dad and I ran in the Turkey Trot, and Scotty, Mom, and Scott were there to cheer us on. I added a race shot link, horrible picture, but I love the guy behind me so happy to be running and fist pumping! We plan to do this every year unless I am pregnant or post delivery like last year! 

Scotty this week is still recovering from a cold, but it hasn't slowed him down a bit. He is everywhere and into everything. Just this afternoon I walked into the half bath only to find my child having a blast in the potty water. You know, it's water mom, so it's fun?! Last week, I had to make an extra trip back to Memorial City Hospital because I had dropped off a goodie bag for a homeless boy that we decided to sponsor this Christmas. We hope one day to teach Scotty about the meaning of giving and helping others. Anyway, phone rings, lady on the other end sounding very this a toy? is this a cell phone? No, this is my home phone. Yes, Scotty had added the home phone into the big blue bag. I guess to a 1 year old it looked like the perfect place for a phone?! Or maybe since he loves to play with ours, he thought the other little boy would too. I find keys in my running shoes, make up brushes in random bags, bottles in the trash. If you come to my house please hang onto your belongings! I can't guarantee if Scotty is around you will leave with everything you came with. 


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