Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cameras and Bikes

For Christmas this past year, I got a new DSLR camera. What a great gift from my hubby. If only I could use the darn thing! So I decided to take a 6 week camera class with a friend of mine, Sarah.  I love this class! It's a break from being mom, and it's great "me" time. Something I don't get a lot of right now. I would definitely say that this is not a natural talent for me so I feel a little lost when I leave, but I am catching on slowly. Last week I didn't do so great on my HW because our entire family has been recovering from a nasty sinus infection. We are all finally feeling better, so I hope to get some practice pictures this week. Here are a few of my first blurred/focus pictures. Hope I can re-create this! 

In Scotty news, he got his first bike! I sent Scott and Scotty off to Academy for some crocs last weekend so I could do some shopping of my own. Crocs-check, new bike-check! Apparently, Scotty begged his daddy at age 18 months for the bike, and Dad fell victim.  The Zuehlke's go straight to the big boy stuff. No playing around with tricycle's! Scotty can reach the pedals, but he doesn't really know how to work it. Once he gets on for a minute, he says "off". I think he just likes the fact that he has a bike like every other neighborhood kid. I am sure he will be riding it like a pro in no time! Sorry for the bad filming!

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