Thursday, May 19, 2011

18 Months

Well our little boy is 18 months as of May 2nd. He continues to make us smile each day.
Here is a list of what our favorite little guy is up to these days. Mostly so mommy doesn’t forget!
            Scotty started his swim class this month. He is a little scared about a few events that take place in this class…particularly back floating and underwater swimming.
      We also continue to attend Little Gym on Friday’s with Dean. He absolutely loves this class! His favorite part is ball and bubble time. He was shy at first, but by the third class, he was fine and doesn’t seem to need me too much.
      Scotty continues to develop his vocabulary. Most often the beginning letter of words get left off. So instead of “rocks” we have “ocks”, “ack” instead of “snack” or “ass” instead of grass! We also tend to say specific words twice such as nite nite, mow-mow, wa-wa (water), yu-yu (yuck). We have nicknamed our milk “na-no”. I have absolutely no idea where this came from!  Other words include: bobble (apple), Dee Dee (Dre’ Dre’),  ous (outside), baby, home, rabbit, bike, moon, Bambi,B for Binkie, bubbles, mo (more), ducks, dool (Cool), bus or “us”, school,  turtle, coke, tea, Dean, Hadley. The list goes on.
      Scotty’s Baba (papa) will ask him, “Where does the bus go?” Scotty will say “School.” Baba will say, “and school is what?” Scotty will say “dool” or “cool”. I hope he thinks it’s cool since he will be going in September!
      Favorite Foods include beans, mashed potatoes, potato soup, French Fries, grilled chicken, Velveeta cheese crumbles, apple, and banana. He doesn’t eat many veggies at this time, so we do a lot of squeezable fruit/vegetable mixes, and Flinstone Vitamins!
      Scotty say’s he loves us in sign language. I don’t really know the real sign for “I Love you” but at the Zuehlke’s it’s several simple pats over the heart. This melts my heart every time.
      Scotty will not sit still to watch TV or a movie. He loves to play outside.  He is very active and mischievous and loves to run which I find totally adorable.  He is also very social. At the grocery store or at lunch he waves and says hello to EVERYONE, sometimes more then once. Often, people are caught off guard and when they realize he is talking to them, they usually say hi back.
      Scotty goes to sleep around 7:45 at night and is up at 6:30 with “Momma?” “Momma?” If Mom doesn’t answer then he switches to “Da-Da?” “Da-Da?” Also super sweet. He dropped his morning nap a few weeks ago. 
      At his 18 month check up he had the following measurements: Weight:  25.2 (39%) Height: 33 1/4 (79%) We are long and lean!
We love you Scotty!


The Zuehlke’s

Park Fun!

My sweet boy

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