Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hadley and Scotty

Lot’s of posts this week, but we have had a lot going on.
We had our anatomy scan on Thursday, and yes she is still a girl!  Dad made sure to ask. Hehe!  Miss Hadley seems to be growing and doing well thank God!  She was lying on her belly again and sucking on her fingers during the U/S. After a few shakes of my belly we finally got her to move her hands out of the way for a profile picture.  My pregnancy calendar says I should jot down a pregnancy memory so just a few things. 1. Way more heartburn this time around 2. Sleeping more soundly. (I am sure this will change in the coming months.) 3. So much more exhausting this time around due to a precious little boy who goes NON-STOP and has been sleeping less! 4. Hadley squirms quite often to let me know she is there. Sometimes when she hears Dad and Scotty playing she gets excited. I wonder what she is thinking…either she is excited to join our family or a bit scared?! We can’t wait to meet our little girl in September!

Hadley’s profile picture below and some pictures of Scotty this week at La Centerra enjoying the water and some yogurt afterwards.  Oh and me at almost 23 weeks. 
Hadley at almost 23 weeks, face up. 
Me and Hadley

Chocolate Yogurt...YUM! Love those little fingers.

Smiling for Mom!


More WA WA


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