Saturday, May 14, 2011

MOM's Day!

This year we celebrated all of the mom's here at the house. I cooked sirloin, shrimp, sauteed spinach, and yummy buttery garlic bread sticks. My mom pitched in on some amazing scalloped potatoes that Bubbey chowed on, and Scott's mom, Marilyn, picked up an Oreo cookie cake from Baskin Robbins. We all exchanged cards. Scott did extra great with his card this year. (I am still enjoying it on my night stand.)  While, I didn't mind cooking for our mom's (I was happy to do so)  I think next year we will be going out for dinner. Hint hint honey. 
Lately, I have been keeping in touch with a good friend of mine from H.S. by email.  Carrie, who is now married, and is a wonderful mommy to two adorable twins! Keep in mind that I grew up in a small Texas country town, population 2,100, 2 red lights, and a local Dairy Queen. When I asked her what she did for mother's day, this is what she wrote: "we did the breakfast outdoors, complete with white linens and fresh flowers for all the moms. All the mom's got potted plants and homemade jam. All the moms also got a little list of things they had done over time that had been special to us. We had a bakery in town make the food complete with Mimosas." WOW! Doesn't this sound like something right out of a Southern Living magazine?! Wait there is more...."my husband got me a gift certificate to the luxury day spa in Stephenville and a big surprise...a new camera!" Cool mother's day if you ask me! I am not knocking my day, I am grateful for my day and the time I spent with my family,  I just thought this sounded so nice and I had to share! Since I didn't take many pictures of Mother's Day, I thought I would also share some of Carrie's pictures! I also added some fun pictures of Carrie and I!

The Zuehlke's 
Carrie's Breakfast
Flowers and Homemade Jam

Happy Mother's Day! YUM!


1995 Homecoming!
I lived in Houston here. After College.

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