Wednesday, June 1, 2011

End of May

On Friday, we finished out the spring session of Little Gym.  Nana and Baba came to watch Scotty show off and a lot of laughter per sued. Honestly, it was the wildest class…EVER.  I forgot my camera, but was able to snap a little picture with my phone of Scotty getting his ribbon. He has so much fun at this class, not to mention the great nap he takes afterwards, that we signed up for the rest of the summer!

Scotty also completed his first month of swim class and was promoted to Starfish 2! Daddy got to attend a class and was very impressed with his little boys skills! We are very proud of the accomplishments he has made in the month.

Speaking of swim class, Scotty is just loving the pool and summer has just started. The word "pool" brings lot's of excitement!( I was able to capture a little of this on video below.)   This past weekend, we tried the community pool which has a great shallow area for the kids, water park area, and 2 big twisting slides. Scott and I took turns holding Scotty down the slides.  Scotty giggled the whole way down the slide followed by “mo” “mo” aka “more”! I think we went about 8-10 times down the slide! Our little outing ended abruptly after a wet diaper and poop episode. Poop definitely does not stay contained in a wet diaper. We still had  a lot of fun!

We spent time with family, and also squeezed in a date night which included the Hangover Part 2 and Outback. We sat down at Outback and Scott looks at me and says… 7:00 “Aren’t you just exhausted and can’t wait to go to bed?” ha ha! Yes, I definitely feel like this every day! I guess it is just the stage we are in with a toddler and another new little one on the way. We often joke how lame we are! We are just so tired ALL the time!

We hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend! 

Little Gym

The Zuehlke’s 

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